I have an MS Access database linked to the K1000.  I'm having difficulty with a query.  I have the query linked to assets, and I can successfully filter it if I use the ID (For instance if I put a "5" under the criteria in asset types, it'll list only the assets that are computer.

I can then go into one of my other fields and add as the query "like ph%", and when I run the query, it'll show a list of all computers (asset type 5) where field_65 starts with PH - and the results are exactly what I want.

Where I run into a problem is if I try to use that query within another query.  I'm fine if I take the "like ph%" out of query #1 (and leave the "5" for asset type, but if I leave it in I get an error message that says "ODBC Call failed. [MYSQL].[ODBC 5.1 driver].[mysqld.5.6.10-log]Unknown Column 'MS1.ID' in 'field list' (#1054)."

Any thoughts?  Thanks.
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  • Are you using MS Access for a specific reason? If you are just using it to query the database then I would recommend using a tool like MySQL Workbench.
  • I didn't know you could link K1000 to an MS Access DB. Thank you so much for this post, good to know and I hope your issue is resolved!
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