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Qport Access installation using SCCM2012 R2

08/18/2015 2246 views
Hi All,

I am trying to install Qport Access using SCCM R2 CU3. I using following command for package distribution.

qa6000.exe" /s /v/qn

However, I am getting following errors in exemgr.log file

Program exit code -1 execmgr 18/08/2015 4:06:18 PM 6816 (0x1AA0)
Looking for MIF file to get program status execmgr 18/08/2015 4:06:18 PM 6816 (0x1AA0)
Script for Package:, Program: NGS QPort Access Install failed with exit code 4294967295 execmgr 18/08/2015 4:06:18 PM 6816 (0x1AA0)

Please help

Thank you

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Community Chosen Answer

Try with this command line

qa6000.exe /s /v"/qn ALLUSERS=1"

Ensure that, you are able to install the application though System Context (using PSEXEC.exe) by using the above command line.
Answered 08/18/2015 by: jagadeish
Red Belt

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Are you sure that the EXE extracts and executes an MSI? If so, not adding verbose logging to the command line is a mistake. So try Jag's command line as above but add this:

/L*v [an 8.3 path]qport.log

Search the resulting log for the text "return value 3". The half-dozen or so lines above that text will tell you which action failed.
Answered 08/18/2015 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • Thank you guys after using following command it did work qa6000.exe /s /v"/l*v \"c:\My Log Files\test.log\"" /v"/qn ALLUSERS=1 /RunAs". However I have weird issue where if I install Qport manually it create start up folder under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. but with above command it will not create starup folder
    • There should be a public property defined in the msi to enable/disable StartUp and the same might be referenced in the UI dialog box (when you install the product by clicking next next next, you might have seen this option).. extract the msi from the exe and open it with any packaging tool and see what the property and what should be it's value.. pass the same just like how you have passed the ALLUSERS=1 property in the command line.
      • Sorry Jagadeish I am beginner with App packaging and deployment. I tried 7-zip and uni extractor but I am unable to extract to MSI. is there any other tool you recommend ?
@Jags: what makes you think there would be a property controlling start-up options? If you know the app, it would be more helpful to name the relevant property.

@OP: To get the MSI,, firstly, clear your %temp% folder. Then run the EXE non-silently. When you see the first screen, probably a 'Welcome' dialogue, browse the %temp% folder for a new MSI. It might be in a folder with a GUID as its name.

Use Orca/InstEdit to create a transform: it's bad practise to edit vendor MSIs directly.

Lastly, once you've tested the MSI/MST, do a delta snapshot using the EXE: some vendors put stuff which belongs in the MSI in the EXE instead and you'll want to be sure your package does everything that the EXE would do.
Answered 08/19/2015 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • Thanks VBs, it's extracting MSI file under C:\Windows\Downloaded Installations\{5F52EC82-1E67-4C60-8506-96B2822CAF37}. when I try to run I am getting error "1: This installation cannot be run by directly launching the MSI pakcage. You must run setup.exe"
  • I remember a property named STARTUPSHORTCUTS=1, again every application is different, I am not sure whether this product has the same property or not..
Try adding a property named ISSETUPDRIVEN - make sure it's all uppercase - and give it a value of 1, then re-try.
Answered 08/19/2015 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • Doesn't work :(

    qa6000.exe /s /v"/l*v \"c:\Windows\Temp\Qport.log\"" /v"/qn ALLUSERS=1 ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 /RunAs"
    • ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 has to be passed if you are trying to install the product using the extracted MSI file.. If you are calling qa6000.exe directly then you no need to pass ISSETUPDRIVEN=1
    • qa6000.exe /s /v"/l*v c:\Windows\Temp\Qport.log /qn ALLUSERS=1"
  • Where can i download a trial copy of qa6000.exe?
    • I dont think you can download trial version :(

Where on God's green Earth did '/Runas' come from!?!
Answered 08/19/2015 by: VBScab
Red Belt

Additionally, you have the '/v' argument entered twice.
Answered 08/19/2015 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • it requires there as the installer was unable to create uninstall information (based on logs)
I have never - NEVER - seen or heard of a set-up requiring the same argument to be entered more than once. I suspect your command line that caused the 'Unable to create uninstall information' error contained an error itself.

Forget the EXE and use the MSI!
Answered 08/20/2015 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • It could be. anyway I solve this issue by running same command line then moving shortcuts to right folder in a batch file.
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