I am new to Kace software support. We just recently purchased the K1000 and K2000. 

I have setup the KBE Enviroment using Media Manager. And have set the options in DHCP 66 and 67 using the IP address and k2000.0 and have also tried using the name and kbox2000.0 and neither of which works.

When I boot a client system it pulls an IP address but hangs for like 10mins and says "Login request timed out".

I can boot using the KBE Environment ISO file onto a disc or USB and it works perfectly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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Also check on the k2000 control panel - general settings - default k2000 boot environments and make sure the correct one is set there.

Answered 10/25/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • I have the default boot environments as what came with the system KBE_x86_34 and KBE_x64_34. I have also tried others that I have created using the media manager.
  • stick with the new ones, you have tested them with a usb so you know the drivers are good. Check the timeout settings also like I have above
  • you can also try setting a simple password for both the driver/restore (what the media manager will ask for), and the bootmanager, I had a special character that messed wit the system and support had me switch to a simple pw, letters only and found it worked. Note if you change the driver/restore (which is the admin p/w) you have to create new environments and set them as defaults
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what model of computer are you booting with? there are numerous issuse with bio's out there not working with any PXE env.

Answered 10/24/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/bios-pxe-boot-issues
  • I have tried with two different models. One is an Dell Optiplex 745. The other is an Howard Q45
  • what dhcp server type are you using? We use Windows dhcp and we set the options at the scope level not server level. We had strange problems when it was set at the serve level.

    What bios version do you have on the dell 745 2.6.4 or 2.6.6?
  • We have Windows Server 2003 DHCP. I have set it at scope level options 066 and 067.

    Version 2.6.6
  • you should try either finding a older machine with an older bios and see if it works. (from what I read on their website the howard system also uses the intel pxe bios, it could have same problem) or back rev the 745 to 2.6.4.
  • another thought if you have recently upgraded you k2000 to 3.4 and did not redownload the media manager it could be a password problem when the client tries to attach. Youj can tell if you have the correct media manager by the existance of a new fill-in box at the top right of the media manager labeled "host login password"
  • I have tried on version 2.6.4 and thought it needed the update. As an experienced Ghost user, I ran into this issue before.

    Our K2000 is brand new, so I haven't had to do an upgrade yet.

    I have the default boot environments as what came with the system KBE_x86_34 and KBE_x64_34. I have also tried others that I have created using the media manager.

    Thank you so far for your help.
  • I would not count on the defaults due to drivers, and you said you can boot with a disk from your uploded env so that one should have the correct drivers. If possible boot a machine on the same subnet as the kbox to see if it is something being blocked in the router.
  • Ok I will recreate another one.

    I booted the machine from USB and yes, it populates in the System tab in the kbox. :)
  • I do not think this will help since you can disk boot, but look under control panel - registration & licensing and make sure you are status of valid and activated. Just trying to eliminate any possibility
  • Activation = Successful
    • good and you see seats availble
  • yes 699 available of 700. the one is from where I tested by booting from a USB stick. I also pushed the agent to it as a test.
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