I've tried several different USB NICs and have been unable to get the this machine to PXE boot. Does anyone know of a method? I'm hoping to eventually get it setup for a Win 7 scripted install.

Edit: May fault I should have asked the question better: The BIOS I'm using does have an option for network boot, but none of the USB NICs I've tried have been usable by the BIOS (latest version A02) for a network boot. I did try the Dell USB 3 to ethernet adapter, the rebranded Targus USB dock Dell sells in addition to a couple other USB NICs I had around the office.  

Question version 2: Does anyone know of a USB NIC that works with the BIOS on an XPS 13 9333 for PXE boot?

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  • Startech USB21000S2
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did you add the usb nic drivers to the pxe boot env?  also if the port is usb3.0 you may need to add those drivers also.

Answered 02/18/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I haven't gotten the machine to attempt a PXE boot with any of the USB NICs I've tried. I think if I managed to get that far I could probably trial and error my way through adding the USB drivers to the boot environment.
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    • are you in legacy or uefi mode in the bios? you have to be in legacy mode
      • Yup legacy boot mode and network set as the primary boot device.
      • usb devices are enabled and allowed to boot from and added to the boot list
      • As far as I can tell yes USB devices are enabled. The BIOS is a fairly simple one without a lot of options. I don't get/couldn't find the option to add particular NCIS to the boot order but network is currently first in the boot order.
      • USB devices should also be in the boot order

        It may be something with to the usb 3.0 ports. I imaged a older xps model via a startech usb dongle but it had one usb 2 and one 3 port on it.
      • This particular model only has USB 3 (both USB ports). USB devices are in the boot order. Thanks for all the continued suggestions. I know I must sound sort of one note here (still no luck). I'm now thinking about trying to boot from a USB drive, hopefully if I include the proper USB drivers that environment will be able to check in with the K2000 for a scripted install.
      • that would be the next approach I would try. Add the usb3 drivers also to the kbe when you create a new one
    • Not sure this will help, but I had to load the USB3 drivers and recreate the KBE to get one dongle to work, however the other XPS 13 model we use needed the dongle in the USB2 port (the one without SS written on it). We also had to downgrade from the newest BIOS for OUR model A08 to A07 to get it working, maybe there is a different version up or down to give a try?
      • Yeah I looked into a BIOS update but it looks like they don't have many versions out yet (just the currently shipping versions A01 and A02). I'm starting to suspect that USB NICs might be something they plan to add support for in future updates.
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Startech USB21000S2 USB to Ethernet.

Answered 04/03/2014 by: Justicd
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