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I am new to the packaging arena.... with that....

I have a Batch file that I am trying to deploying thru SCCM. This batch file creates a directory on the local workstation, copies files from the SCCM server, and then its supposed to run a VBS file. This VB file, in turns creates a XML file based off LDAP info...

The VB file portion of the batch file, never runs when I push this thru SCCM.
Standalone on the workstation, it runs the VB file, and creates the XML file..

so, my question is..
Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong ?

Batch file contains:

md c:\irnmtn
cd irnmtn
copy "\\SCCM SERVER\e$\source Applications\irnmtn vbs\*.*" c:\irnmtn
Cscript.exe c:\irnmtn\ironmtnldap.vbs /t:45 /I
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what are you doing wrong.

1) everything :-)

2) standard users will not have access to E$ on your SCCM server. If they are do thats the first thing you did wrong.
3) If they don't thats the second thing you did wrong. (sort of)

a better approach would be to wrap the files into an proper installer (i.e. MSI / AppV whatever you prefer).
setup a CA / post install script to mod / create the xml

deliver the application via SCCM app delivery.

I would throw away all you have done so far and start again.
Answered 08/01/2011 by: jmcfadyen
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copy "\\SCCM SERVER\e$\source Applications\irnmtn vbs\*.*" c:\irnmtn

this part is supposed to be handled by SCCM natively. I would just make an SCCM package, indicating a source location while doing so that contains all the files you want to have copied to the client machine (or to be exact, all the files needed for the install, you can choose wether or not to copy them). Then make a program for this package that executes your vbs. This will be what will be executed on the client machines.

Answered 08/02/2011 by: pjgeutjens
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Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong ?The only thing John left off was that you posted in the wrong forum. There is a dedicated SCCM/SMS forum on AppDeploy :-)
Answered 08/04/2011 by: VBScab
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