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Howdy KACE Gurus,

I need to push a software agent which requires 3 keys for the installation to complete. 

They are:
1) Integration key
2) Secret key
3) API hostname

I was planning to go with the managed install route.

Here is my plan:

  1. Install software manually on a PC
  2. Then force inventory on that PC.
  3. Then go to software details on that PC. We will find the software there.
  4. Upload the installation file used for that software as a dependency.
  5. Software gets uploaded to kbox software catalog.
  6. Then go to managed installation where I will find the software there.
  7. Since this is a managed install, and software is already in the kbox, we are doing default install and only this additional parameter "--no-qt-privacy-ask" "--no-qt-updates-notif"
  8. Test push to a few test machines.
  9. Finally push software to needed machines.

This is how keys need to be entered when installing it manually on a machine.


I am wondering after a manual install, where/how do I enter the 3 keys needed for this managed install.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If only there was a means to just type something on a web page, press Enter and have it go off and sear...oh, wait...
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