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I need some ideas here.
I'm looking for a way in which to package Projectwise and it's associated supporting applications (Bentley Redline, Quickview, iDesktop Integration etc) and deploy it to a number of PC's. I can't use Active Directories Published Application feature in this scenario because of various issues.

Basically these apps are a complete headache to install, there's the actual app to install, then the supporting apps, then some files have to be manually copied into certain locations because they contain our customisations etc. I need a way to bundle up all of those so that all I have to do is execute a single file which will then proceed to install the app and copy our custom files into the right places.

Each program has certain install requirements such as de-selecting certain options and selectin others etc. There's basically a wizard that we have to go through.

Essentially what I need is:

1) Execute .exe #1 -> Next, Custom, Unselect option1, Next, Finish
2) Execute .exe #2 -> same deal here
3) Execute .exe #3 -> and here
4) Maybe another .exe
5) Copy \\folder_with_our_customisations to C:\ and overwrite existing files.
6) Reboot, installation done.

I would be happy if this were possible.

I want to keep this simple, no big enterprise solution, no Tivoli, no AD etc.

Can this be done?
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From your post it looks that you need a msi developer!!!.

Well since i dont know your corp setup, here is a crude method to accmplish all this
1/ You need to modify the existing msi(if the exe has one or find the exe switch) or use capture method to incorporate the requirements.
2/ & 3/ Same as above...
4/ can run the exe thru the supporting cmd
5/ Make a new msi and add the custom files to it .. in the end force a reboot by this package.

Now to integrate this, you can make a cmd file and write each command(1 to 5) in it ..
Place all the stuff in a common share point that is accessible from all the machines.

If you have a remote execute tool(landesk etc), execute the cmd file on all the machines...

If you donn have any, i would have done a dirty job here.. i would make a msi that will add the HKLM runonce entry for the CMD thru a msi(using GPO) and reboot the machines..!!! I know it is a dirty way .. but all is fair in cutting down the IT cost!! [:D] thats what we are paid for....
Answered 03/20/2006 by: Satin
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How would one create an .msi from an installation .exe package that requires you to select certain options such as installation directory and add-ons etc?

I think if I can overcome this obstacle the rest should be easy.
Answered 03/20/2006 by: jonc101
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