I am working on an application package for Informatica 9.0.1 using a WinBatch script with the vendor source.  Installation completes with no errors, but when I attemp to load PowerCenter Designer I get some DLL errors;

Error: Failed to Load DLL: pmsapr3plg.dll for Plug-in: PC_SAPR3,

Vendor: Informatica

The specified module could not be found.


When I install the same source manually I am not getting these errors.  Does this have something to do with the user's profile, since Radia only runs on Session 0?

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  • Can we see the commands you used in Winbatch?


    I remember capturing this app to an MSI and it has 16,000 files!
  • See below for WB code. Yes there is a typo in a log line :)
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Thank you for your reply!  I am sorry I am not replying to your comments with another comment if that is the sites perfered method.  My text box resize corner is not working and I can not see what I am typing.  Anyway.

My company does have a good working relationship with Informatica and we have had some work done on their end to help integrate their product into our environment.  I have tried two methods to install Informatica 9.0.1 and 9.5.1 versions.  (I did have a ticket created with Informatica support, if any successfull soltuations are discovered via those communications I WILL update here.

The installation does appear to install correctly both methods.  The vendor install log files return 0 and don't flag any warnings.  My only problem I encounter is when first launching ONLY the PowerCenter Designer.

The errors I get are;

Here is what my source looks like;

I have tried just calling the silentInstall.bat via WinBatch

Code form silentInstall.bat;

This way I am calling the .\client\install.exe in the source and passing same paramaters you see in the silentInstall.bat.

   ProgName = IntControl(1004, 0, 0, 0, 0)   
   log2ESD(1,"Full path to location script is running from = " : ProgName)
   ProgDir = ItemRemove(-1, ProgName, "\") 
   log2ESD(1,"Removed the Script name and the path to directory script is running from = " : ProgDir)
   FullPathtoApp = ProgDir : "\client\install.exe"
   log2ESD(1,"Path to silentinstall.bat = " : FullPathtoApp)
   Paramaters = "-i silent -DINSTALL_MODE=SILENT"
   log2ESD(1,"Paramaters = " : Paramaters) 
   log2ESD(1,"About to run install.exe plus paramaters")
   log2ESD(1,"Finsihed running install.exe")
Answered 10/30/2013 by: kopuz
Orange Senior Belt

  • It is hard to tell what went wrong here. You can try Procmon and see. I am beginning to suspect about the Session 0 you were talking about. In a 2 machines, you can compare your manual install and Radia and see.
    • Thank you very much for your time dj! You really do an incredible service to the App Pack world! It is unfortunate that Radia does not allow running at the user level instead of the system. Yes manual installs do appear to work fine. I should be speaking with Informatica support within the next two days. I WILL post progress here.
      • Unfortunately I didn't find a "perfect" solution. Since my company does not use SAP I was able to suppress the SAP plug-in errors by removing them from the registry.

        So if you encounter the same issue go to the following path and remove these values.

        [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Informatica\PowerMart Client Tools\9.0.1\Plugins\Informatica]

        Again far from a perfect solution. I guess I am lucky that my company doesn't currently use SAP nor will they.
      • Looks like you hit it in the head. I verified your solution.

        I went back to the MSI that I created from snapshot and could not find any instances of the registry values you mentioned. I added the pmssapr3plg.dll for PC_SAPR3 and got the exact error above. I searched for the file pmssapr3plg.dll and could not find it.

        The thing is, I am wondering if that file really exists if you manual install. Can you verify if it's there?
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I am able to find both .dll's mentioned in the erorrs above in the source I am using to install and in the install directory.

pmsapr3plg.dll for PC_SAPR3 and pmsapbwc.dll for PC_SAPBW

Note: The manual install does NOT display the errors above.


Answered 11/05/2013 by: kopuz
Orange Senior Belt

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