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Hello all,

In the beginning when i started using SCCM 2012 i managed to do an OSD from Windows 7 just fine.
What i wanted to do as well was do an inplace upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
That didnt work so well so i tried several other possibilities but with no luck.
I havent looked at it for a while and now i want it to work.

What i did was make task sequences ofcourse for the inplace upgrade.
But what i just noticed was that when i have the possiblity to do in upgrade from within Windows 7, it finds for some reason old task sequences.
I had 3 of them in my SCCM but i disabled 2 of them and even deleted them except 1 coz that is the one i made this week.

How can i get rid of them and make sure that the right task sequence is running for the inplace upgrade??
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