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Problems with Get-Set Computer Name in Windows April 2018 Update?

06/01/2018 1128 views
Anyone else having issues with Get-Set Computer Name tasks working in the 1803 update?  I'm using the version of Get-Set on a sysprepped image and have used the /dialog and /debug switches and see that it is storing the name I input into x:\macaddress file.  But when the deploy completes, the Set task doesn't work and the machine name is WIN-randomstuff.
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  • Is this a System Image Deployment or a Scripted Install?
  • Image
    • Get/Set won't rename the machine per se, they just look for the unattended.xml file located in C:\Windows\Panther\

      If that file is not there, the name will not be modified.

      Also make sure that unattended.xml has a <computername> Switch included.
      (if the image was properly Sysprepped, you should have it)

      Finally, make sure the name you are entering falls under Microsoft's naming restrictions:

      • Just FYI, starting with version 2, the ComputerName node is no longer needed. If it can't be found, the node will be created automatically!
  • Unattend file was created with Sysprep Creator v4.1.1.0 and does include the <ComputerName>*</ComputerName> in the specialize pass. Have been using these two pre/post tasks successfully up to and including Fall Creators. Not working properly in April 2018 Update.
    • 1803 works fine Get/Set 2.0 tasks, so there must something on the Image preventing the tasks from changing the name in your deployment.

      "the Set task doesn't work "

      Are you getting an error when the tasks runs? Or is it a green check-mark?

      If it's a green check-mark, then the task at least tried to change the name, if you are using the /log switch, please post the log located in

  • 2018-06-01 10:01:19 : ============================================
    2018-06-01 10:01:19 : Start of Get ComputerName log entry for 2018-06-01
    2018-06-01 10:01:19 : ============================================
    2018-06-01 10:01:19 :
    2018-06-01 10:01:19 : Drive letter with registry is c:
    2018-06-01 10:01:19 : Dialog box option is set to: True
    2018-06-01 10:01:21 : The computer name in the registry is: WIN-IINS6QF5VA9
    2018-06-01 10:01:21 : ComputerName is: WIN-IINS6QF5VA9
    2018-06-01 10:01:32 : ComputerName is: YL7480-LARRY
    2018-06-01 10:01:32 : MAC Address of system is: D481D763628A
    2018-06-01 10:01:32 : Full MAC Address is: D4:81:D7:63:62:8A
    2018-06-01 10:01:33 : GetComputerName wrote the file x:\D481D763628A
    2018-06-01 10:01:33 : Computer Name written to file: YL7480-LARRY
    2018-06-01 10:01:33 :
    2018-06-01 10:01:33 : ============================================
    2018-06-01 10:01:33 : End of Get ComputerName log entry
    2018-06-01 10:01:33 : ============================================
    2018-06-01 10:06:22 : ==================================================
    2018-06-01 10:06:22 : Start of Set ComputerName log entry for 2018-06-01
    2018-06-01 10:06:22 : ==================================================
    2018-06-01 10:06:22 :
    2018-06-01 10:06:22 : Command line parameters: /debug /log
    2018-06-01 10:06:22 :
    2018-06-01 10:06:26 : Sysprepped = True
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Getting OS information from drive letter: c:
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Product Name: Windows 10 Enterprise
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Edition ID: Enterprise
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : InstallationType: Client
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Build Number: 17134
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Kernel Build: 6.3
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Major Version Number: 10
    2018-06-01 10:06:31 : Minor Version Number: 0
    2018-06-01 10:06:33 : MAC Address of system is: D481D763628A
    2018-06-01 10:06:33 : Full MAC Address is: D4:81:D7:63:62:8A
    2018-06-01 10:06:35 : OS name is W10
    2018-06-01 10:06:42 : Computer Serial Number #: 1P5HTF2
    2018-06-01 10:06:42 : Computer Manufacturer: DELL
    2018-06-01 10:06:42 : Computer Model is LAT 7480
    2018-06-01 10:06:42 : Chassis type: Notebook
    2018-06-01 10:06:42 : ChassisAbr type: L
    2018-06-01 10:06:42 : Asset tag is
    2018-06-01 10:06:46 : Computer Name found on x:\ Drive and the name in the file is: YL7480-LARRY
    2018-06-01 10:06:48 : Found unattend in panther of system image
    2018-06-01 10:06:50 : Found unattend in sysprep directory of system image
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 : The file, x:\D481D763628A, which stores the computername was not removed.
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 :
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 : ==================================================
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 : End of Set ComputerName log entry
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 : ==================================================
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 :
    2018-06-01 10:06:52 : Log file was moved to workstation
    • I just retried with my 1803 Image and 2.0 get\set, no issues.

      You could confirm this with a clean\virgin 1803, or via Scripted Install.

      You will need to read Window's Err logs, because the unattended.xml was indeed changed by the Set task according to your log, that means Windows failed to use that name from the unattended.xml for some reason, hence at the end the name was not:

      Those logs are in:

      The files you will need are the ones named:
  • One thing you can try is to not reboot from kbe after the image deployment. After the midlevel tasks run, go to Recovery | Open a file with Notepad. Go your drive\windows\panther and open the unattend.xml file. Look for computername node and see if it was changed. If so get/set worked as expected and something is wrong with the sysprepped image.
    • Thanks, Corey. The computer name I assigned is in the unattend.xml file so something else is wrong with my image. This is the first time I've captured an Enterprise image and the first time I've captured a UEFI image. Dell's latest hardware (thanks Dell/Intel) is forcing me to learn UEFI. I'll try capturing another image.
      • I captured a couple more April 2018 images and both behaved the same - assigning random computer name rather than the one from Get-Set. I decided to remove one variable and captured a Fall Creators image using the same unattend.xml file and the computer name was assigned properly. I wonder if there's something with Sysprep Creator v4.1.1.0 that's making an unattend file that doesn't work properly with the April 2018 Update? Scripted install of April 2018 Update works just fine with Get-Set.
  • Hey There, the GetComputer Name_X64.exe assigns random computer name and this task gets executed in my preinstallation tasks set when done for 1803 build of windows 10. Any leads on getting this rectified.

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