Hi all
I have problems to include files in the destination computer, and i think i am confused about images , and msi compress...
About install shield:

The first thing I go to "project assistant" and "aplication files" to create the folders and files structure of the destination computer.
I create new folder (c: \) i select add a folder and select which hangs from c: (c: \ app \ dir1 \ dir2) etc. This create a dinamic link to this structure...
The finally structure is c:\app\multiple directorys and subdirectorys
After, i select the files I want to add the msi and I getting into folders (add file) and select "always overwrite", because those files already exist on the destination.
Then I go to "objects" and I get the files, I click on them and on the table int the "source" i set "Folder 1", otherwise put "folder 2" etc ...One per file ...
If I do this and I will compile my project i can see the folders -->folder 1, folder 2 etc with the files includes ...

If I excute the .msi located in the "C:\InstallShield 2009 Projects\My Project Name-1\Product Configuration 1\Release 1\DiskImages\DISK1\ folderdisk1", project.msi works fine and replace the files.
The issue is whether i change the .msi of directory or folder, they can not find the files in "folder1, folder2 etc" and can't remplaze this files...
I think the problem is because I need to compress the contents of the folderdisk1(the image) ...
Someone tell me how to include folder1, folder2 in msi and compress it all together?
Resume-->, how i can , after build a project, create a msi with all contents in him?

Excuse all my bad english...

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It sounds like you have the MSI set up to read external, uncompressed files. You can either change it so that it uses compressedfiles, either internal or external. If you choose external, the compilation process will create a CAB file which you will need to distribute with the MSI. if you choose internal, the files will be stored in an "internal" CAB (actually, a binary stream in the MSI).

I can't remember the option setting for InstallShield but it will be in the help file. Search that for 'CAB' or 'compressed' and you should find it.
Answered 05/27/2009 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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Ivbscap thanks for your fast reply...
I go try to explain me...

If i add the files to remplace, in the folders and i select, "overwrite always" this cause warnings wen i compile and not works fine(¿Why?)but i can move the msi of directory and not fails...
In this warnings i can read, is best to modify the source folder of the table of the files. Is for that because i create folder1, folder2, folder3 and the files she places in that folders when i compile.

Vbscab, normally when i compile a project this create this structure C:\InstallShield 2009 Projects\My Project Name-1\Product Configuration 1\Release 1\DiskImages\DISK1\ folderdisk1\PROJECT.MSI

IS this "Project .msi" the finall installer o i need compress it to works fine...

Thanks a lot for your answer ¡¡¡
Answered 05/27/2009 by: escubi
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HI ¡¡¡¡
Finally i have succes it...

I create msi database. I add the files, this answer me ¿Cab file include in the msi? YES(in the msi projects this answer doesnt appears).
Afther i go to the file and i change a table option to remplace files,I save the msi and it works fine ¡¡¡¡(I cant build msi database, i need save it).

I think ist he good form.
Anyone knows another form to make it better?
Thanks vbscab ¡¡
Answered 05/30/2009 by: escubi
Senior Yellow Belt

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