Thought I would share a recent problem that we had with deploying System Images after upgrading to 3.4, which we subsequently resolved, in case anyone else experiences similar issues.

We updated our K2200 Deployment Aplliance to 3.3 and then 3.4, within the same day. We were trying out some scripted installs and followed the thread for Driver Feed Workaround and Drivers, installing the necessary driver feed tasks, driver patch etc. I was still unable to get a scripted install working properly and kept getting error messages such as:

Error on Drive – There is an error in that no data is being found that correlates to an OS.

I was not too concerned about this as we were just experimenting with scripted installs as we use system images for all our currently deployed builds. However one of our IT Guys came over and asked if there was a problem with KACE as he had deployed an image and when it had restarted was getting NTLoader errors. We therefore deployed the image again to see if it was just a glitch when it deployed the image. When the image was deployed it reported it had successfully deployed the image but it had only taken half a minute to do this, which was worrying as on average they usually take between 10 and 20 mins to deploy. I then repeated the deployment and noticed that it was doing the pre-installation tasks, such as diskpart but was then showing an error message in the cmd window when it came to the actual image deployment. The error was along the lines of:

ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry .....
ERROR: The parameter is incorrect
ERROR: The parameter is incorrect
ERROR: The parameter is incorrect

It then popped up with the “Image was successfully deployed” dialog box.

I spent almost a day trying various things, such as reaching drivers, building a new KBE, adding the driver feed tasks – which resulted in the same error we had experimenting with the scripted installs - Error on Drive – There is an error in that no data is being found that correlates to an OS. I spent ages trawling the forums to see if anyone had come across this issue before but could not find any related problems and so I gave up for the night.[&o]

When I returned this morning I thought I would have another play around to see if I could fix it before logging it as a fault with Dell. I wanted to play around with one of the images so I created a duplicate of one of them. Before doing anything with it though I thought I would try deploying it, lo and behold it deployed correctly?[:D]

I therefore duplicated each of the System Images. And when deploying these subsequent copies they all deployed successfully. It would therefore appear that either through the upgrade, applying some of the driver feed tasks, driver patches etc, or by some other random glitch with the KACE system the system images had lost their link with the actual image files. And so by duplicating the Images the link was re-established.
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  • I have the same issue, but re-uploading the source images had no effect. Any other ideas?
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