Anyone get this to work at a good rate? I seem to rarely have problems pushing packages by computer and I'm sure I woudln't have a problem by publish either but we don't give users power or admin rights. I don't really want to do by computer because not every user needs the package. So I want to do it by assigned user. Sometimes when I push it by assigned though it's strange and it doesn't appear in the programs menu or desktop. So they can never click on that first icon to install the program. Anyone else ever have this problem and might know what I can do?

Thanks a ton...
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Hmmm. That's a good one. Are you using transforms? The reason I ask: once I had a problem with packages that seemed to deploy correctly, but the desktop and Start Menu/Programs shortcuts did not show up as expected. It turned out that I made mistakes in my tranforms, and those shortcuts were installing in particular username profile, instead of under the All Users profile.

Also, is there anything in the Event Logs that indicate a problem with the deployment?

It's someplace to start, at least.

Craig --<>.
Answered 02/25/2004 by: craig16229
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Hmm, that's possible. Maybe it's putting the icons in another user's profile (mine since I'm the one who made it and my profile is on all the computers). I'll have to take a look.

I don't use transforms. I only use the before and after snapshot and then edit it the best I can in wininstall le.

I did use a transform for office since it was easy to make with the office toolkit.

What's weird is I made one for a network version of printshop and it automatially puts an icon on the desktop. That icon shows up by assigned user always and installs great. When I double click the icon it installs the program and populates the programs menu if I remember right. I did the same with publisher since I put an icon on the desktop in the transform.

When I try to add a shortcut on programs in windows le console it never seems to work. I double click the icon and it says it isn't accosiated with anything because there isn't a program installed. Hmmm, so maybe I should start thinking about transforms. I don't think any free software can make those though.

Once our test server goes up I want to install a trial version of Wise and try that out. Wise makes transforms right? Any other good software?

Thanks for your help.
Answered 03/02/2004 by: snooper47374
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I am having almost the exact same problem you listed here. Just wondering if you were ever able to resolve it, and if so, what the resolution was.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answered 05/11/2004 by: skelm
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skelm -
I started deploying software by the published method. I said heck with the assigned method. They don't have to be admins or power users to install by the published method. They do have to know to go to the Add/Remove programs to install it though but that's not a big deal. At least the software can be deployed.
Answered 05/19/2004 by: snooper47374
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I've just posted a problem I have been having just like this one... problem is, with XP my application fully installs at logon, but in Win 2K it thinks it has been installed, but in fact you still need to go to the Add/Remove Programs control panel which seems like a pain in the butt!
The trouble with my application is that it doesn't actually have any menu icons and any file associations (it's a database engine) - so it kinda vital the app gets installed without user intervention...
I dunno..
Answered 06/29/2004 by: baronne
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