Our machines have bitlocker enabled on them, so when a bios update happens, it causes the system to prompt for the recovery key. The accepted practice is to suspend bitlocker, update bios, and then re-enable it. Obviously this would need to be a scheduled event, so I would like KACE not to push those updates. The rest of the driver updates are probably fine, though.

How can I tell KACE to ignore all BIOS updates when running its dell detect and deploy schedule? I created a Label for my machines called "User Computers" and tried to add a smart label. I've attached a screenshot of the setting. Is this the correct way to do it?

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  • The easiest way is to create a label that doesn't include them when you are ready to do your detect and deploy. Labels are key to organizing the patches for a deployment.
  • So you are saying I'm doing it right? Applying the smart label to the label "user computers" which I've assigned to all of our workstations. Or is there something I need to do in the schedule as well?
    • you will have both machine labels and dell patch labels. Using scheduling, you'll target your machine labels with the dell patch labels you create that don't include bios updates.
  • Got it. So I created a different smart label and applied it to the dell patch schedule. I unchecked where it said "all updates" and put my smart label in there that has "type does not contain BIOS"
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