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Hi All,

When i try to deploy PowerShell Version 3 in my windows 7 machine, i am getting the below failed error .

The software change returned error code 0x80240017(-2145124329).

When i searched with the error code i got the below description :

“Operation was not performed because there are no applicable updates.”

Please find the below settings which i gave in deployment time : (Script Installer)

Installation command line : wusa.exe "Windows6.1-KB2506143-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

Detection method :

Script Type : Power Shell

Script Used : get-hotfix | Where-Object {$_.HotFixID -match "KB2506143"}

User Experience : 

Install for System

 Requirements : 

I selected all Windows 7 64 Bit machines(I removed it and tried the installation but same error)

Please do help on this to get it deployed successfully.

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Are you running Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, as that is a requirement.

Try without the wusa.exe, Windows knows what a msu is, thus know hows to handle it.

3010 exit code means reboot required.
2359302 exit code means its already installed.

Answered 11/13/2015 by: rileyz
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  • Hi Thanks for reply. Yes Sp one is there and i tried without wusa.exe still failed.
    • Humm thats a weird one. Presume you have .Net 4.0 installed? Its a prereq for PS3.
      • The issue is resolved. The .net was corrupted due to which the installation failed.
        And this powershell installation takes effect after reboot only. I am deploying App-V client , i set powershell as its dependency . Once i run the App-V installation, it installs .Net followed by powershell then i had given the parameter to restart cause only then the powershell 3 is getting updated. AFter rebooting the App - v fails. When i try to rerun it get success. Is there any other way i can sequence the deployment?