I came up with a powershell script that would move a computer to a specific OU in Active Directory. I tested that and it worked on my computer. I decided to upload this to Kace 2000 as post installation script. It is supposed to run right after the system get reimaged and completes sysprep. It tells me that it failed to run the post installation script. I read the error that says, "Error description: System cannot find the file specified".  I was able to open command prompt inside Kace 2000 Runtime enivorment and locate the file. I check the XML file via notepad and it has correct path to the file.

I decided to replace this script with another one called join_domain.vbs which exists in Kace 2000 as well. The same error came up again. I could find the vbs file via command prompt and the XML file includes information about that. 

It seems that I can't do any of post installation scripts and I really don't understand why I am experiencing this problem. Can anyone help?
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  • What is the command you're using?
  • Post Installation Task #1

    Type: Application
    Runtime Environment: Windows
    File: MoveComputer.ps1
    Parameter: PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -file "./MoveComputers.ps1"

    Post Installation Task #2

    Type: Application
    Runtime Enviroment: Windows
    File: join_domain.vbs
    Parameter: join_domain.vbs example.domain.com username password "ou=exampleOU,dc=example,dc=domain,dc=com"

    I think I am definitely doing this wrong since I'm treating parameter as the command I use.
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