We have a post install task for Office 2010 that ran fine in Version 3.5, but is generating an error in 3.6.  Command we are using -> "setup.exe" /adminfile "office2010smdhu.msp".

The error is with the switch /adminfile - advises it can only be used on the initial installation.  Since this is the initial installation, not sure why it is failing.  The other strange this is Office does install.

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  • I recommend to install Office 2010 into image, since you can install it with ADM file and you can install office updates into image. This will save time when deploying images
  • We have not installed it in the image for a reason. What I would like to know is why it worked fine when running in 3.5 - but now generates an error when running in 3.6. The task itself has not changed.
    • Your not the only one.. Many of my scripts are now failing even the runonce converter
      • Runonce converter should not be used with 3.6. The purpose of it was to allow reboots between tasks. The K2000 now has that ability built in and works more reliably than the script.

        Lead T3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000
  • The strange thing - now the install task is working fine. No idea why.
  • I would love to know this too - same problem here!
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