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I've been trying to work on a post install task for Sophos.  I have a working scripted install for this, but want to be able to automatically push it with the image instead of having to do it later on.  The command to install is "setup.exe -q" which works fine for the scripted install, but not so much for the post install task on the k2000.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this post install task working?
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  • So, you can deploy it from the k1000 without problem?
    • Yes, I have a script that will deploy it silently. When I try the same thing in the k2000, it still pops up dialog boxes.
      • I have a batch file that I deploy via Active Directory Group Policy or K1000. I was unable to get it to deploy as a post-install task from the k2000. In my case, i believe the issue was related to accessing the network share that hosts the install.
  • Are you using Sophos Central (Cloud)? There is a pretty slick method I obtained from Sophos to actually include the software in the image, then it will autoregister when the image is deployed.

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