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We are soon going to deploy office 2007 to our users (Yes i know, late as always)

Anyway, I have done a MSP file via OCT (Office Customization Tool). It works fine to deploy and I have got the language pack to install silent after the installation of Office is done.

But the thing that annoying me is some popup's when you start office for the first time.
The first popup is named Welcome to the 2007 Microsoft Office system, Privacy options and if you press next you get to "Sign up MS Update" yes or no.

Popup number 2 is only valid for Outlook and it tells me that I need to download and install a component to get instant search to work.

How can I get rid of this 2 popup's? Can I disable them via GPO?
I have run Proccess Monitor but did not find anything usefull... maby I missed something?

Thanks in advanced...
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Open the patch with OCT:

Features | Modify user Settings | MS Office 2007 System | Privacy | Trust Center:
Diasble the setting - Enable customer experience Improvemnt Program.

I guess this should solve your first pop-up issue...

Explore - Features | Modify user Settings | MS Office Outlook 2007 - for your second issue.. You must be having some setting for tat one too...

Answered 12/09/2009 by: rayz_0020
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I found this on technet.

Hope it helps

Answered 12/09/2009 by: pjgeutjens
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Thanks both!

Great help with the first popup... I havent had the time to test it but it as to work. It was this settings I have missed.

But for popup number 2 I havent find any settings for that...
If I take a look in OCT\Features\Modify user settings\Microsoft Office Outlook 2007\
I found something I thought was right. It's called "Disable Items in User Interface" but it had no settings for this.

Someone how had disable this last popup?
In the worst case the users has to live with it.
Answered 12/09/2009 by: aXz
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Someone how had disable this last popup? Wouldn't the best solution be to package the component and have it run as part of the main Office install? You could have its MSI executed using the 'Command' element in the configuration XML file or create it as an MSP and drop it into the 'Updates' folder.

BTW, plurals don't require an apostrophe, so "Popups", not "Popup's".
Answered 12/09/2009 by: VBScab
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VBScab: Thanks for the language lesson. Maby I can learn you some swedish some day? [;)]

I do have two new questions.
First of all. Does everyone use this OCT and then deploy the setup.exe using the MSP?

Q2: Is there any where in the OCT where I can set the option that outlook will NOT create a new outlook profile if there already is a old one?
I test installed the package to me and some colleages at the IT department and when Outlook 2003 is uninstalled and Outlook 2007 is installed it takes a backup of the old outlook profile. Then creates a new one. So you can manually point to your old profile. But this will not be accepted as a solution when we roll this out for everyone [:D]

Thanks in advanced!
Answered 01/04/2010 by: aXz
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I did found the answer for Q2.
It wansent that hard... [:@]

Outlook\Outlook Profile\Use Existing Profile
Answered 01/04/2010 by: aXz
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Are you still having problems customizing? I recently just packaged for our business without popups and plenty of other options amongst the 100000 options MS has decided to put in. And yes I deployed using setup /admin to create MSP and then added any msp files in the update folder including service packs.
Answered 01/05/2010 by: syn
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Hi, No it works fine for me.

But when I import the package to our software delivery tool (CA's software delivery) I got alot of exitcodes problem so I had to ignore exitcode:1712, 1704, 1641 and 0. Otherwise there was a possibility that the installation crashed.

But when I test installed it via the command promt I had no exitcodes problems at all....

Btw: Did you manage to get rid of the popup that wants you to download the component for instant search in outlook?
That popup is still there for me. If it's to much work to get it away I have to leave it I think.
Answered 01/06/2010 by: aXz
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I did found the answer for Q2.
It wansent that hard... [:@]

Outlook\Outlook Profile\Use Existing Profile

I run in to some problem with this anyway... When I change this setting and launch Outlook for the first time when my Outlook profile already exists it works fine. But when I launch Outlook on a new installed computer where no outlook profile exists I get an error that the computer needs to be online or something (it is connected to the network) and I get this Wizard to create a e-mail account. When I press next all usefull data is already stated... Username and Mail server. So I only have to press next, next, finished... But I want this to be automatically...

It seems that I cant choose both this settings in the OCT.
I want to Use Existing Profile but behind that option it says "If no profile exists, Outlook prompts the user to create one when outlook is first run" and that I dont want!

Below this setting I have Modify Profile and there I can choose "Define Changes to make to the existing default profile. If a default profile does not exist, Outlook creates a new one using your customizations" This I want to use if NO outlook profile exists. I have defined all settings like %Username% and mail server name.
Is there a way to use both this setting?

If no profile exists it will create one with NO user interface shown.
If a outlook profile exists I will use that one and dont create a new one.


Thanks in advanced....
Answered 01/11/2010 by: aXz
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I got alot of exitcodes problem so I had to ignore exitcode:1712, 1704, 1641 and 0Yeh...these are cracking codes to ignore...
- Windows Installer Error 1712
One or more of the files required to restore your computer to its previous state could not be found. Restoration will not be possible.
- Windows Installer Error 1704
An install for [2] is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by that install to continue. Do you want to undo those changes?

1641 indicates that a restart was initiated so that's OK-ish.

Coming to the profile issue, I'm no Outlook expert but, from memory, you can create a default profile and deploy that, can't you?
Answered 01/11/2010 by: VBScab
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Pretty much everything that "pops up" to annoy the bejesus out of you can be controlled via:

1) Configuring the options within the Office 2007 OCT

2) Via AD Group Policy, by importing the Office 2007 Administrative Template (ADMX) into your AD Servers Group Policy Management MSC

3) Via Local machine policy management, using gpedit.msc on the local machine

4) Directly modifying the client registry.

For example:

To disable the prompt for RSS feeds when the user opens Outlook for the first time, use the OCT and go to:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 > Tools / Account Settings > RSS Feeds > Turn Off RSS Feature (Enable)

To get rid of the Office Updates Message box that appears during first run of Office 2007, you need to Edit your msp file.

1. Go to the Modify Setup properties section
2. Add a property named: HIDEUPDATEUI
3. Set the property Value to: TRUE

The annoying "Install Instant Search" popup when you open Outlook can be turned off here in OCT:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 > Tools/Options > Preferences > Search Options > Prevent installation prompts when Windows Desktop Search component is not present (Enable)
Answered 01/13/2010 by: SIC_admin
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Thanks for the answer.

I have set both in the OCT and in our Policy:
"Automatically configure profile based on Active Directory Primary SMTP Address" here:
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 > Tools / Account Settings >Exchange

But IF a profile already exists I want it to use that one.
I dont think there is an options that fits any good. Please take a look at the screen shot at the link below:

Yes there is a option "Use Existing Profile" but when I use this one and ther is no outlook profile on the computer you get this annoying Wizard to set up your account! As it says "If no Profile exists, Outlook prompts the user to create one when Outlook is first run"
Thats not what I want...

How have you guys set it up??

Many Thanks!
Answered 01/14/2010 by: aXz
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I have done some test now. I tested to create a Default outlook profile but still it dosent work as I want. [:(]
We will push this out soon so I start to get slightly desperate.

I also sometimes get exit code 30066 when I install. Both for the Office package and Language pack. Not always but sometime.
If I ignore this exit code it will not install when this error occur.

I google for exit code 30066 and got some hits. It could be that you dident had enough disk space. This is not my case. It could be problem with a earlier version of office installed. But I uninstall all other office products when I install Office 2007.

Someone with any ideas?
Answered 01/28/2010 by: aXz
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My understanding of that error code is that the target workstation doesn't meet the requirements for the Office install.

- Have you rebooted after uninstalling Office 2003?
- I thought one of the directives in the configuration XML file was to remove/upgrade 2003?
- Does it install on a clean machine, i.e. one without Office of any flavour?
Answered 01/29/2010 by: VBScab
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Thx for your answer.

But then it should happend everytime I install Office 2007 on a PC with a earlier version of office? Its not.

I dont reboot the computer. I have set that option in my config.xml file that it will not reboot.
Answered 02/01/2010 by: aXz
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No, not necessarily, since the requirements may not be met on all of the targets, irrsepective of whether or not an older version of Office is on the box. Look at the logs which the install creates. One of them should tell which requirement is missing/has failed.I dont reboot the computerHave you investigated what happens if you do?
Answered 02/01/2010 by: VBScab
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