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Kind of as above really. I have a Powershell script using pnputil.exe to add some printer drivers and it works perfectly ran locally no matter how I call the script and works if I just run that one line. The moment I run a bat file in KACE to call it, it says it can't recognize it. The BAT file is running as system. 

I was hoping to use the add-windowsdriver command but everytime I try and get it to work with that it prompts me for the path but I shall probably have antoher crack at it as this is failing miserably 

I've tried uploading the exe, adding a CD command before hand, putting the full path, using invoke-command or just pnputil.exe running the script as a dependency and running it from a remote location.

BAT file calling PS
C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -noexit -Command "Start-Process Powershell -Verb RunAs" ".\tx3000.ps1"

Actual Powershell
invoke-command {pnputil.exe /add-driver "\\prometheus\it_Tools\Drivers\Canon\Canon TX3000\p68n-win-tx_2000_tx_3000_tx_4000-1_01-ea22_5\Driver\TX-40006.INF" /install}
Read-Host -Prompt "Add-driver"
Add-PrinterPort -Name "Alan" -PrinterHostAddress ""
Read-Host -Prompt "Add-Port"
Add-PrinterDriver -Name "Canon TX-3000"
Read-Host -Prompt "Add-PrintDriver"
Add-Printer -name "Alan" -DriverName "Canon TX-3000" -PortName "Alan"
Read-Host -Prompt "Add-Printer"
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  • I believe you are missing the execution policy bypass switch..


    check this:

    Tried method number 2, that is the one I use, works 99% of the time
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    • I take back my previous post, this worked a charm!

      We don't have Bypass on as we sign our scripts.
      • Can you post an answer summary, please?
  • I followed the steps for "Method 2" in the link provided by Channeler (below) and it worked perfectly. The only thing it seemed to do was ignore the read-host prompts that I had put in for testing but this didn't matter in this case.

    I also removed the execution policy setting as it was irrelevant.


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First issue is that you are referencing a network path and in most cases the SYSTEM account on the local machine won't have access to it. You can instead upload the INF as a dependency. 

The only other possibility is that pnputil.exe isn't available in the 32bit context where the AMPAgent runs. I have only seen that with the manage-bde executable for managing BitLocker.

Answered 07/19/2018 by: chucksteel
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  • Unfortunately it doesn't look like it was the location, I tried adding it as a dependency as you suggested but the same error, I don't think it's even getting that far.

    Did you find a solution for the 32bit issue at all?
    • Yes, instead of calling c:\windows\system32\pnputil.exe you call c:\windows\sysnative\pnputil.exe
      • Thanks for the advise, looks like I've lucked out on that one, it doesn't find the path.
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