Dear All,

Please advise for step by step how to deploy OS with K2000.


PS.For your information, I already use WAIK to upload image Windows 7 (x64) to K2000 but after my client BootPXE it show 2 error message

ERROR: Unable to determine server IP address from DHCP

WARNING: Using hardcoded K2000 IP address as fallback

ERROR: Unable to mount K2000 share at \\\peinst

but I confirm I never set share drive on K2000. so please advise me for how to deploy OS with K2000 thanks

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From that same screen where you get the error what are the results of running IPCONFIG?

It sounds like you do not have the correct drivers in your KBE. I would add the correct ones and build a new KBE.


These links may help.


K1000 KKE's: https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb?k=KKE

Answered 09/17/2012 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • Hi dugullett,

    I get this error when I try to bootPXE from my client machine. and I create new KBE already. Any idea?
    • Does IPCONFIG return anything? Are you able to PXE any other machines?
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with "ERROR: Unable to determine server IP address from DHCP"

Check that your options 66&67 are configured on that subnet you are booting on

see page 37 of


Answered 09/18/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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It could be that you do not have propper drivers injected into your boot media, OR that your media is unable to pick up the DHCP information for your KBOX, this usually happens when you're running another tandem pxe boot service (here we run KACE and WDS as two side by side boot services) or if your DHCP options arent configured correctly, either way you'll need to get a hold of the KNIT (link provided below) and punch in the static information for your KBOX.


The links provided by dugullett should help you on the way to recreating your boot media also.

Answered 09/17/2012 by: Roonerspism
Second Degree Brown Belt

  • Dear Roonerspism,

    For our company we use switch level 3 for DHCP and Dell Technical advise we use this config for that switch. (Please see below)

    ip dhcp pool name
    network ip subnet

    bootfile k2000.0

    next-server ip_of_kbox

    default-router gateway

    dns-server dns1 dns2 dn3

    lease 0 4

    Did you have experience before about use switch level 3 for deploy OS with K2000? Please advise me thanks
  • So long as the iphelper is configured on your core/switching infrastructure that should all be good (I'm the soe/deployment guy here not so much the infrastructure guru)
    Maybe try the KNIT and build some boot media which references the kbox ip directly just in case. I've never used the K2 with a switch as the dhcp, always win2k8r2. It may be that the current boot media is looking for the options usually provided by operating system bound dhcp servers and your switch is unable to serve this information.
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Dear All,

Now I can setup level 3 Switch for PXE Boot already but I still can't deploy OS to client machine so could you please advise me step by step how to setup script on K2000 for deploy OS to client.

PS. After I PXE Boot my client machine can detect K2000 and loading image but after restart it show error:

Bootmgr is missing

Press Ctrl+Alt+ Del to restart

Answered 09/25/2012 by: manpang
Fourth Degree Green Belt

  • most likely partitions of target are different then script
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I had the same problem running virtual machine environment... and the problem solved it self when i installed correct NIC... so try to download correct driver for your NIC and see what happen...

Answered 11/25/2013 by: dlistar
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Drivers is still not right yet. 

Answered 09/27/2012 by: Aaron Cool
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  • Dear Aaron,

    I don't think so because I use Driver Harvesting Utility from K2000 to capture all driver on that test laptop to K2000 so why driver is not correct? please advise me thanks
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