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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to check whether we have the option to get ping response through KACE.

We have some systems shows offline in KACE. Actually, it is online. so wanted to get a report on selected machines ping response.

Is there any way to find?

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Ping is not a good way to diagnose\troubleshoot that scenario.

    The agent is the one who needs to report back to KACE...

    The KACE Appliance could perfectly ping a Device without an agent installed or an agent who's unable to communicate with KACE for whatever reason... so..... Ping is not a good parameter to determine why a machine is Offline in KACE.
  • So any other suggestion to find machines which is active not communicating with KACE?
    • Yes, read this post:


      Start by making sure that device is able to ping your KACE FQDN, and port 443 is open for that FQDN addresss.

      (e.g. yourkacename.youdomain.com)

      (It needs to be the fully qualified domain name, not the name, use telnet tool from Windows to test ports)
  • I See 443 port is open for our domain,I guess there should be some issues with communication settings.

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