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We are considering moving to a Virtual K1000 instead of having a physical appliance.  Besides storage differences, how is the performance on the virtual compared to the appliance?  Is it noticible?  Has anyone gone through this process, and what are your feelings about it?
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Hello zgillette,

We have always used a virtual appliance where I work, but I can tell you that the performance has been acceptable. I don't know your configuration/load, but we manage about 1600+ clients, 2 RSAs, and have it linked to a K2000. We followed the recommended specs for a virtual appliance stated for v6.4.  
Answered 03/07/2016 by: MAXintosh
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  • MAXintosh, Thank you for your reply. Going by the specs is more than likely what we would too. That is unless if we could get away with going higher.

    We are running the K1000 Physical with about 1700 clients total within 3 Orgs and about 16 replication servers. We are also linked to a K2000 virtual with 6 RSA's. I would hate to spend the $1,000 to go virtual, only to find out that it isn't worth the money.