I am creating a smart label for Java patches. I have narrowed it down to 43 patches. They include JRE 1.6.0_17, 1.6.0_19 etc. I am pretty sure that all of our computers are at least 1.6.0_33. Could I just take those earlier ones out of my patch label? Also if a computer is at 1.6.0_33 will it be patched with the latest one available like 1.6.0_45 or will it apply all the patches in between? If it uses the latest patch for that version, wouldn't all of them be unnecesssary expept 1.6.0_39?


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Could you share your label that you are using? I don't use Kace patching to patch Java. I instead use MIs to push it out. Since updating Java usually requires extensive app testing in my case. I like more control of when it's going out.

I tested a quick label I made with the following settings, and it returned five patches. 

Title > contains > JRE

AND Superseded = No

AND Impact = Critical

AND Status = Active

Answered 05/17/2013 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • I didn't include Superseded=No and that brought it down to 6.
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An important thing to note. If the endpoint has a browser open when a Java patch routine is running, there's a good chance the installation will not work. You will see the updated software entry in add/remove programs and in the KACE inventory, but when the user attempts to access a site that requires Java it will not work. We've taken to using MI's to police Java, and to be honest, MIs allow you to start testing and deploying Java much faster than the patching module. Something to think about. Otherwise for MS patches and the like, the patching module is very nice!

Answered 05/17/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • I will look at that.
  • Just to clarify, Java gives all patch management utilities a hard time, this isn't unique to KACE, but rather more unique to Java. If anyone knows of a product that doesn't have as many issues I'm all ears, but from everything I've heard it doesn't matter due to how Java installs.
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