When I click on an individual device under Inventory -> Devices, scroll down to Security -> Patching Detect/Deploy Status -> Deployment Status -> Installed (or any other category) there is no listing of patches (by name, status, date, deploy tries, rollback, NOTHING at all).  

Previously of course this was working and would list the patch name, and date detected and deployed.  Now there is nothing, on any computer/server I click on.  What is going on?   How could this information just disappear?  I need to know what patches were applied on certain patch deploy date, and I had a report to pull this information, or I could drill down into the individual device detail as explained above and figure it out.  Now of course the report does not work and neither does looking at the device detail.  This is not normal behavior and I can confirm this was working last week.  

Anybody else having this problem or know of a resolution, or something to try?

Many thanks,

Version: 6.4.120261
Model: K1100s
clients are mostly on 6.0 but some are 6.4, same problem with both
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  • I've noticed the same on my system. Patch Deployment Status is totally empty. Did you ever find a fix for this issue Jason?
  • Has anyone found a fix for this. It's really an issue when I'm trying to find out which patches were applied to a particular machine or why they errored out. I've noticed this disappeared after upgrading to version 7.
  • Nope, same thing here. Undocumented feature, I guess!
  • We are experiencing the same thing on version 7.1. Anyone ever resolve this one?
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