Hello all,

We recently upgraded our KACE 1000 to ver. 6 and while all clients look connected and we can do pushes to systems, it doesn't appear that patching is being done as it had before the upgrade. So, a couple of questions from someone who has just gone the upgrade path for the first time, what logs or reports should I be looking at to determine whether this is actually occurring and if not, what are my options for resolving this issue of non-patching?

Thanks so much
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  • did you install the shell shock hotfix and not reboot after?
  • Nope, haven't done Shellshock yet.
  • Check the bottom of the patch schedule screen where it shows all the different PC's and the status for each. If it says "downloading" it's probably stuck trying to push a 3rd party update or something. My updates have been misbehaving too since I updated to 6.2 and I have the shellshock patch + reboot.
  • Thanks for the pointer - I see a lot of "detecting" but not much connecting ...
  • One additional element that I would like to add is reporting: what should I set up to let me know when patches have been installed/not installed on the systems?
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