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I'm trying to ensure that KB3035583 isn't on my K1000. This is one of the Windows 10 nagware patches. Searching for it in the Patch Catalog brings back no results. It supercedes an earlier patch which is described as Recommended/Non-Security.

In our subscriptions module, we're set to download patches of all types and all impacts. We do NOT download software installers. Based upon this criteria, I was expecting to see KB3035583 on my KBOX but I do not. Is it possible that the type for this update has changed from Non-Security to Software Installer? If yes, is there any way to confirm that? I've spoken with KACE support and they are assuming something similar but we don't have a concrete answer behind it.

Thank you all!

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  • That patch doesn't appear in my catalog either and our's is configured to show all patches even if they aren't downloaded. It's possible that the patch isn't coming through from Lumension/HEAT. This is one of those cases where I wish we could check their database instead of just checking what comes through from Dell.
  • Have you checked at these URL's to see. If you see it in there you should see it coming to your KBOX. These were provided by KACE Support to me in the past.


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