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This might be an SMS 2003 question, but I'll ask here anyways. I am trying to create a single command line to install the Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibilty Pack with SP2 and deploy it via SMS 2003.

ex: msiexec /package O12Conv.msi PATCH=O12Convsp2-en-us.msp /norestart /log "C:\Logs\O12Conv_wSP2.log" ALLUSERS=2

I've read the MSDN article on the PATCH property and it states that I need to enter in the FULL path to the patch file, but I don't really want to hardcode the path to one specific server as this will cause traffic over the WAN link.

I've tried using the %~dp0 variable directly in the SMS program without success (it resolves the path if in a batch file).
I know I can do it in two seperate command lines/programs in SMS or a VBScript/Batch file, but I just wanted to know if anyone has come across this before and found a way around it?

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That isn't the way to install patches. Use the '/P' switch, as documented here. I understand that you may be patching existing installations and therefore need to run patches against clients, but you would best be advised to patch an Administrative Install Point for future installations.

There should be no need to specify the full path. Either place the MSP alongside the MSI and don't specify a path, or use relative pathing syntax if you use a container folder above or beneath the MSI's container folder.
Answered 01/05/2010 by: VBScab
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I've had not had any success in installing Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibilty Pack to an Admin point - I've tried and I've googled for a solution to no success.
I usually do install patches with the /p switch and that is how I intend to deploy the patch to existing installations, but this is for the OSD image build (new installations). I can do it with two seperate command lines; one for the MSI and then one for the MSP, or I can do it in one command line by including the full fath to the MSP in the PATCH property (or /update) even though the MSP is in the same folder as the MSI, or I can use %~dp0 inside a batch file. But I am just curious as to why the PATCH property can't resolve the relative path when used in SMS 2003 or even with a shortcut to the MSI.
Answered 01/05/2010 by: jlai
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