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I'm still wrapping my head around K1000 Patching and have been doing some trials with our HelpDesk team for the last week or so. I would like to be able to run a Detect Only against our help desk systems and see what patches are going to be installed. When I run the Detect Only, and then look at the NOTPATCHED status on one of our machines, I'm seeing (in different cases) anywhere from 10-30 patches listed (whereas the Detect Only shows me that there are five patches to be installed). When I look at the Deployment Scheduled section, it is empty. Will I only see the patches if I'm set to Detect and Deploy? Is there a way to see those five when I run a Detect Only?

Thank you!

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  • You have to set up a actual Deploy schedule and make sure those patches are included in the label you are you looking to push out. Then you will see them under the Deployment Scheduled section of any machine targeted.
  • As far as you're aware, is there any way to view or generate a report of those patches getting ready to be deployed without actually scheduling the deploy so I can verify exactly which patches are going out to the machines?
  • Not sure but you don't have to actually send them out. Just leave the schedule on Do not Run. You can create a deploy schedule and there is a built in report in the KBOX already that shows what patches are waiting to be deployed.

    Report Name:
    Patches waiting to be deployed
    Summarizes machine status for enabled patches that have todo count>0
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