Hi all

i have read a post on here about packaging active x controls by using snapshot in admin studio

i have tried this to no avail what so ever

anyone any tips on repackaging active x's or deploying active x's via sccm, i have tried via sccm but theres issues with it running under SYSTEM account



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it should be enough to capture the DLLs that the activeX places in Downloaded Program Files, and letting them selfregister.

Could you provide more detail on the problems you're having?

Answered 11/26/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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well i need them to show up as working

so do you mean capture them

then test the website concerned and see if it registers

issue is users dont have rights to install these so thats the issue


Answered 11/26/2012 by: keane2012
Brown Belt

  • I do mean capture.
    Can you do a compare between a package install (resulting from that capture) and a machine where the installation was done manually?
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>i have tried this to no avail what so ever
As a description of a problem, this is utterly useless. You don't say whether the control installed but failed to work, whether it didn't get registered, whether the install failed, etc., etc. The folks here are very good but as far as I know, fall some way short in pyschic powers.

ActiveX controls can be captured just like any other software. I would avoid self-registration: it is the work of Satan.

You may also want to add the site to IE's 'Trusted Sites' zone, which you can do via Group Policy.

Answered 11/26/2012 by: VBScab
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  • I agree on generally avoiding self-reg in MSI, but have never had problems doing this for ActiveX components, and being a good IT guy, I tend to be lazy by nature.. :)
  • i have tried this to no avail what so ever isnt a description of my issue!

    i have attempted to capture this in admin studio, and despite you guys telling me it does, it doesnt capture anything useful

    its a series of active x plugins
    which are launched by script
    the script doesnt run in sccm as it runs as system user so fails to install
    the general query was can they be packaged, you guys said yes, my days work and previous experience tell me that admin studio does not capture the changes, regardless of how many times i try
  • the repackager does not capture anything it places in downloaded program files
    so therefore renders the msi useless that i have created
  • ok, so
    1) when you go to the downloaded program files folder after the install (using cmd) do you actually see any new files?
    2) do you use any global exclusion lists in InstallShield?
    3) what's the content of that script you mention?
  • Hi
    i dont use exclusion lists no
    yeah the files appear in the downloaded program files
    just nothing relevant in the created msi file?

    the script im using is one that was supplied to me which just runs the relevant installer theres 2 enduser or admin

    i cant copy the script as i dont have access to it here

    i have created a sccm program which works as an admin but not as a user, because the user cant run exes

    its either repackaged it like you suggest
    or create an msi which copies the files down to the machine and registers the ocs files in the registry.
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peoblem solved i think

thankyou to all those who helped... and werent sarcastic in my description of the issue


the issue was as simple as i was trying to package the active x on win 7 64 bit

when i checked the plugins were compatible

so created an xp image as that was the environment its going on, installed remote repackager

captured the active x controls in install

and all appears fine

Answered 11/27/2012 by: keane2012
Brown Belt

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