How to package Internet Explorer 10. I have tried to package using IEAK 10. But that is not working, it installed successfully but the same version of IE remains.

Help me if any one have packaged IE 10 before.

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  • Hey - I'm having this problem too. Used IEAK for IE10, generated the MSI, MSI runs file and shows up as an Update in Programs/Features - installed updates. But IE8 remains even after a reboot... What's the deal?
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Can you check your packaging steps again and see if you have done anything wrong in there. I packaged it few days ago and it works fine with IEAK packaging.

Answered 05/21/2013 by: piyushnasa
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This is could be because IE9/IE10 was installed as an update for IE8.  It can be verfied by navigating to: Control Panel>Programs and Features.  From there, click on "View installed updates".

Answered 05/17/2013 by: jknox
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I have been laboring on this for a couple days. I finally have an answer, and a solution.

1) You must have certain updates (MSU's) installed of 2533623, 2670838, 2729094, 2731771, and 2786081. They will require a reboot.

2) Then install the IEAK Executable (the MSI doesn't consistenly work). It might require a reboot.

3) Run this command of C:\Windows\System32\DISM.exe /Online /NoRestart /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64

The DISM command may/may not be needed. I found that the IEAK EXE kept running and rebooting, but nothing would happen. The old version of IE still remains. That is because it is so intrinsically deep in Windows, it can't be even swapped until you reboot and lock out the files.

PLUS, the "Windows Feature" may/may not be on, so you have to run the DISM command. The name of the feature ALSO is a variable, you have to do a DISM get-feature command to get the specific name.

It is a massive pain, but so far, this is holding. Again, as always, "Thanks Microsoft for making our lives.......easier?"

Answered 02/12/2014 by: tbirdfiver
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Are you saying that your package installed but still it is showing IE8(or whatever is previous version on your system).Please elaborate..

Answered 05/17/2013 by: deepali
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  • yes exactly i mean to say that . its still showing the IE8 ( older version)
  • Did you reboot?
    Anything in the event log?
    What deployment output have you chosen from the IEAK?
  • yes i did the reboot but no use and the event log shows successful. silent deployment with out any UI
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