Hi, I am new to Install shield. Want to know how to actually package the files of Office 2013 after customization. I have used the OCT 2013 to customize  OFFICE products as per my client requirements and have the msp files for the office products requested by my client in the Updates folder. Now i would want  to create a single msi for each office product rather than going to the network share and using the setup file so that it goes to the update folder and installs  the particular product. I cant do a setup capture because the office products has numerous msi files and is also not a good practice. I have tried wrapping up all the files using project assistant using installshield.It is installing Launch.exe in the start menu folder and than it needs to be clicked to install the actual product. Is there a way to automatically trigger that or Is there way to actually combine all the files to a single msi .I would really appreciate if i  can  get a procedure on how to do it in install shield?

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  • There are so many processes involved when you run office setup wrappers, this seems like it would be a nightmare to try and put everything into your own wrapper. Its definitely not best practice, I wonder if its even possible? Good luck
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