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I am trying to install the Oracle 11g R2 client using this command line:

"\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\OUI.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -noconsole -force -silent -responsefile ""\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\HCIScripts\ClientODBC.rsp"

and the installation just disappears. I look at the InstallActionsxxx.log and it only has two lines:

Using paramFile: \\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\oraparam.ini
The commandline for unzip:

After removing the -noconsole switch I discovered that setup doesn't understand that I'm passing a response file. I'm getting a [INS-10103] Response file is nto specified for this session" message. The console ends with press any key to continue and when I do, the setup ends.

Why doesn't it see that I've included a response file? I've verified that the response file exists because I can cut and past the response file from my command line and open it in notepad.
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\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\OUI.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -noconsole -force -silent -responsefile ""\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\HCIScripts\ClientODBC.rsp"

have you tried using the setup.exe
Answered 08/31/2010 by: cygan
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Yes, I forgot to mention that have tried both setup.exe and OUI.exe. I get the same result.
Answered 08/31/2010 by: BoyGenius
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Looks like a quoting issue to me, in that you have two leading quote marks in front of the RSP path and name and only one trailing quote mark. Try either:"\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\OUI.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -noconsole -force -silent -responsefile "\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\HCIScripts\ClientODBC.rsp"or"\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\OUI.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -noconsole -force -silent -responsefile ""\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\HCIScripts\ClientODBC.rsp""or"\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\OUI.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -noconsole -force -silent -responsefile "\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle~1\HCIScr~1\Client~1.rsp"or "\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle 11g R2 Client\x86\Install\OUI.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -noconsole -force -silent -responsefile \\hcidalas50\sandbox$\Oracle~1\HCIScr~1\Client~1.rsp
Answered 08/31/2010 by: VBScab
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did you record the rsp yourself or did you use the existing one and tried hacking it
Answered 08/31/2010 by: cygan
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Honestly, I don't remember how I created the response file. I did just create a new response file via the OUI GUI, but I got the same result (by that I mean that my installation just disappeared without really doing anything - I haven't tried it without the -NOCONSOLE switch).
Answered 08/31/2010 by: BoyGenius
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OK, using short path/file names, and my test.rsp that I just created, I'm getting a step further.

Now my installActions log shows:
\\hcidalas50\sandbox$\oracle~1\x86\install\unzip -qqqo ..\stage\Components\oracle.jdk\\1\DataFiles/"*.jar" -d "C:\Users\jtrask\AppData\Local\Temp\OraInstall2010-08-31_10-36-14AM"

I've also tried using a mapped drive and short path names, but I continue to have the same problem. I've stripped the command line down to just using the -silent and -responsefile switches.

I have even copied the installation files to my C: drive and installed from there using short path names, enclosed in quotes with just the -silent and -responsefile switches along with my test.rsp.
Answered 08/31/2010 by: BoyGenius
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You can all sleep soundly tonight, the problem has been solved!

As it turns out, the problem is that the -responseFile switch is case sensitive! (please note the capital 'F').
Answered 09/23/2010 by: BoyGenius
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yah u r rite .. i faced this ..

my install command was

setup.exe -responseFile fullpath\response.rsp -silent -nowait -force
Answered 01/12/2011 by: rock_star
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Has anyone tried to uninstall Oracle 11g R2 using the System Account?
Answered 01/26/2011 by: toyolin
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I assume, you already have a deinstall.rsp file.
Yes, I was able to uninstall it without any issues.
Answered 01/26/2011 by: WiseAppPackager
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  • Great solution ! i had the same problem today.
  • Can you please tell me the command line you guys are using to unsitall this? Also, how to get the deinstall.rsp file? Thanks

Where do i find deinstall.rsp? I tried the following with system account & it's not working for me.

 "C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client\deinstall\deinstall.bat" -silent 

I see a deinstall.rsp.tmpl file under response folder do i need to change the name & use a -deinstall switch?

Answered 03/11/2013 by: chichora123
Fourth Degree Green Belt