I'm back with more issues with our campuses AIO 7440s from Dell. 

We've installed a new boot environment based off of WinPE 10, and have gotten rid of the 'Cannot mount kbox share' issue.

Now if we attempt to install our Windows 7 Scripted Installation, we're prompted with an error which says:
Windows Setup could not install one or more boot-critical drivers. To install windows, make sure that the drivers are valid, and restart the installation. 

Any direction would be great. I've uploaded the entire winpe10.cab file into the kib_windows_x64 environment, with no prevail here. Also added the unique network drivers as was instructed in my previous post here.

Thanks in advance.
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is this error happening prior to starting the scripted install or after.  It sounds like it is after and if that is the case you are missing the needed drivers for the win7 installer within the script to run.  You need to get a win 7 install with the proper drivers in it.
Answered 08/23/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • This is before Win 7 installs. We're using WinPE 10, trying to install Win 7. I had the previous issue (you answered), which was the 7440s. They couldn't mount k-box share, however when updating to WinPE10 they can now connect. Now we have this issue.
    • ok is the kace menu is coming up in the pe env, you go to scripted installation on the menu, choose one and hit start, and it fails after that? or do you not even get to the kace scripted menu?
      • Install of the scripted starts. When we get to Install OS, on the Windows 7 installation screen, while 'setup is starting' we get prompted with this.
      • your windows7 install media the script is calling does not have the needed drivers.
      • The install works on other machines such as the 680, 755, 780, etc. We've tested it even on the 9010/9030 aios. Works everywhere besides while the systems are in the new WindowsPE 10 environment. And if we use any other environment, they cannot mount k-box share.
      • If you put the windows 7 dvd that is the same version as the script source media in the 7440 and start the install does that work?
      • The Windows 7 install is not right out of the DVD, last May I took an .iso and replaced the install.wim.
      • The Windows 7 install is not right out of the DVD, last May I took an .iso and replaced the install.wim.
      • you will need to inject the 7440 win7 drivers into that wim and repeat that process

      • This can't be done at the k2000 level? Because there's more than just the 7440s that are doing this. Basically every computer which has needed WinPE10 is pulling this issue on windows 7.
      • as an image it can be done real easy but the scripts are running the install media from the start. Images unpack the files, add the extras and then start the finalization phase so they can get around that problem
      • it probably one common driver the new ones need
      • So the issue is only that we need to update the drivers in Windows 7, not that the Windows 10 PE messed anything up. Correct? If so we might just install one system, and image it with the k2k as we need these really soon.
      • correct
      • Thank you for all your help. I may be posting a question about MAC OSX environments later today if you could look at that, it'd be great. You've helped me a lot on most of my questions here! Thanks again.
      • Another question same issue... Now when booting the system into a freshly created bootable Windows 7 USB, we're getting an error about missing drivers. I'm quite lost how to approach this, as if we can't get one system up, I can't particularly get the correct drivers, unless I use the .cab? -- Sorry if these questions are getting excessive, not used to having to edit drivers for the iso itself to work, drivers have been an issue after.
      • Just an update. A default windows 10 iso from the Microsoft website will get past the driver issue.. So is this something Microsoft slowly patches into their operating systems (aka why I can get 10 vs 7 to install)
      • as they get new models submitted they work them into the OS's they are deploying. Windows 7 is no longer supported this way so you have to do the updates yourself.
      • you can take either your boot stick or the any windows 7 install media. Use dism on your tech station to inject the drivers into that offline media. (DISM included in your windows ADK).

        get this cab and expand it to the directory structure
        Dell Command | Deploy OptiPlex 7440 AIO Windows 7 Driver Pack

        use the link I put above and follow the To add drivers to an offline image by using DISM section and use the /R switch to install all the drivers.

        You need to go get the drivers from dell support and inject them into that install.wim and either upload that as your source script media or install from that.
      • Makes sense. I will attempt this and post back if/how it worked. -- Do I grab the drivers under 7440 AIO or is there a more generic driver? My confusion is post to pre install drivers (installing prior to the OS installing, I assume these are hardware device drivers that are missing in the first place).

        Again, many thanks.
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