We just recently received the Optiplex 3090s and now having issues with it  I installed the OS /applications on a Opti3090, syspreped it and uploaded the image to our Dell Kace server.  When I went to deploy the image, the pc would reboot right before sysprep would happen.  The Windows XP dialog would open for a sec, then the pc would reboot.  The pc now is in a continuous reboot loop.  Does anyone know what could be wrong?  I just don't know what could be wrong?  I've done this hundreds of times and never had an issue like this. 



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Sounds like a driver issue and the machine is having a BSOD.  Does the machine the image is being deployed to have slightly different hardware than the machine from which it was imaged?

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Answered 09/19/2012 by: cserrins
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  • Corey, the machines are all exactly the same. It doesn't BSOD, but a black screen that says "We appoligize for the inconvienence but Windows did not successfully...." comes up and reboots every 25 seconds.

    The hardware is exactly the same. We purchased 50 of them with the same exact specs. What driver do you think would cause this?
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Is this on every machine, or just one?

Do you have anything in your answer file that would cause anything to run at first login?

Answered 09/19/2012 by: dugullett
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  • This is happening on every machine. We just got the new Optiplex 3010 and tried to upload our current image over it. That didn't work so I installed a clean install of Windows XP, added the drivers then syspreped it.

    The sysprep file we have is very generic, nothing is really customized in it. We don't even have the section that has the mass storage drivers in it. Do you think that's something we need to add? I inherited the imaging and this is the way they've been doing this.

  • I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Our customized/syspreped Windows XP image causes our new Optiplex 3010s to run through a continues reboot loop when the system boots up after image deployment.

    We've been using an image that contains multiple driver packs for several Dell models over the last few years, and in the past I simply had to add the additional drivers to "C:\Drivers" along with the driver paths into the sysprep answer file which would allow us to apply that old image onto new hardware.

    The 3010 doesn't seem to even start the sysprep process before it reboots and then proceeds in a continues loop if left powered on. Not sure what the problem is yet, I'm going to continue troubleshooting tomorrow morning.
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 Repair your computer
A list of installed operating systems should be displayed – select Windows  and click Next

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For other alternative methods check- Dell Outplex 3010 Manual 

Answered 01/12/2017 by: siguf
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I found the solution to our imaging problem.

Go into the Dell Optiplex 3010 BIOS settings and nagivate down to System Configuration - SATA Operation.  Under SATA Operation change the operating mode of the SATA controller to ATA, then save your changes and reboot the machine.

Your syspreped Windows XP image should successfully boot and apply the appropriate drivers (provided that you saved the correct drivers to the image).


Answered 01/07/2013 by: montmar
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