We have recently configured the KACE service desk using K1000 version 7.2.101, started using the system a few weeks ago. We would like to be able to have more than one browser tab open at a time displaying various views i.e. one for my open tickets, another for unassigned tickets etc.

The issue we face is that if we have both views open and on the first view we opened select a ticket and make a change on saving the ticket the view changes to last view we used on the 2nd browser. I know we could have IE open and Chrome but this is not ideal as this will only be ok for 2 views open at the same time.

Have others faced this issue and if so do you have any workarounds?



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  • I believe the KACE needs to build a SQL query and pull data each time you select any kind of view...

    I'm guessing that was done like that to reduce the workload in general.

    Three tabs at the same time with different views, also means three SQL jobs to do instead of one.

    Anyway let's see if anyone else has an idea for this one.

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This is definitely a limitation of the KACE web interface. I run into it all the time when I'm trying to do multiple advanced searches in different tabs. A workaround is to use "incognito" or "private" browser windows and/or use multiple browsers.
Answered 04/06/2018 by: JasonEgg
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If you login to https://kace/adminui instead of https://kace/admin (or /userui instead of /user) the appliance will show you the full URL and you should be able to open multiple tabs pointing at different views.
Answered 03/19/2018 by: chucksteel
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  • Hi Thanks for your input, I have tried the above and still no luck it still reverts back to the last view.
    • Does your URL end in something like this:

      or this?

      If you are loading the latter, then it will restore the previously loaded page, but if both tabs are like the former, then it should load them separately.
  • Hi, Tried this one and still no luck
    First browser shows adminui/ticket_list.phpCUSTOM_VIEW=All+Open+tickets+Assigned+to+the+Application+Team&QUEUE_ID=0
    Duplicate the tab.
    Change the view to another custom view.
    Go back to the original browser
    Open a ticket and the url changes to to /adminui/ticket.php?ID=820
    Close ticket and it reverts back to the browser I last selected.
    Might have to give up on this one!