i had an automatic offsite backup going on 
i upgraded and it appears those have stopped, does anyone have any documentation on how to set it up with this version?
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  • As the link below shows, I would verify this is still checked:

    Enable FTP by going to K1000 Settings > Security Settings > [Edit Mode] > Enable backup via FTP > Set Security Options
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Answered 12/08/2014 by: Ty
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  • it works at my box like a charm since years ;) (also on the 109330)
    Just to mention one thing. You need fill in into the task scheduler the environment too (set it to the location where the batch file is located, or only the folders will be created)
    • thank you
      this is what was happening the folders were created but no files
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This is what I use...

Create this .bat file:


forfiles /p "X:\K1000_Backup\Backups" /s /m *.* /d -2 /c "cmd /c del @file"

ECHO option batch abort > X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO option confirm off >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO open ftp://kbftp:KBFTPpassword@KBOX IP >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO cd / >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO option transfer binary >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO get *_k1_dbdata.gz *_kbox_file.tgz "X:\K1000_Backup\Backups\" >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO close >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp
ECHO exit >> X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp

"X:\K1000_Backup\WINSCP.COM" /console /script="X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp"
DEL X:\K1000_Backup\KACE_BACKUP.tmp


This uses WinSCP wich is located in X:\K1000_Backup and creates the backups in X:\K1000_Backup\Backups
It keeps a monthly backup plus 2 most current days. You can backup more days by changing the second line after the /d.

Make a scheduled task to run the .bat file and you should be good.

WinSCP Link: Click Here
Answered 12/08/2014 by: h2opolo25
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