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I am trying to distrubuted Office 2010 to a client, KACE shows at the bottom with the message that it is preparing to and then showing that it is installing. Windows Office shows up during the process. When finished I restart and Office is not installed, but when I look at the inventor for that computer it shows as if it is installed.

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  • -Click to Run or Regular MSI w/ software folders?

    -Managed Install or Script?

    -BAT File or EXE+XML being used to trigger the install?

    -What control panel says about it?

    -Have you tried removing the silent switches for the install, to see if Windows is trying to display an error message?
  • It is a regular MSI w/ folders and Managed Install. It is also a EXE install. It gives a message that it is installed and when I go to control panel it does not show up.
  • Is the message that it is giving from Microsoft, or did you check the box within KACE deployment to display a message? The way that I have deployed Office 2010 in the past, was by creating an XML file, and then zipping the XML file and the setup together, then upload the zip to KACE. When you go to deploy it, the command should be something like setup.exe /configure configfile.xml

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