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We would like to deploy Office365ProPlus on our sytems. Some as Office 2013 or2016.

Is there a script to uninstall office and install 365?

is it better to install in in my gold image or run as a post-install task?

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When setting up the o365 xml file, you have the option to set it to remove all previous versions of office. I find that works better than a separate uninstall task done first. If you haven't taken a look, yet, you can find the xml generator at https://config.office.com/ Look for the generator at the bottom left of that page.

Answered 07/09/2019 by: sammavet
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With office I put the install files in a temp dir on my master and run it post. Then delete files after the install.

If you install it into your golden image and copy profile to default all others uses will get some bad pointers to that source profile in their registry.

Answered 07/09/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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We install it as a post-install task and our configuration is set to install the latest version, this way we don't have to worry about installing updates. We also don't use an image, we have moved to scripted installs.

For machines that are in place, we use a similar script that uninstalls previous versions first, and then installs ProPlus.

Answered 07/10/2019 by: chucksteel
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  • Thanks.
    I tried a script with the tenant number and key but doesn't seem to want to install. How does your configuration scripts looks like? Would you mind sharing? thanks
    • Script:
      setup.exe /download configuration.xml
      OPPTransition.exe -Tenant ourtenantid -Key ourkey -Domain ourdomain.onmicrosoft.com -Version 16 -UninstallVersion msi16

      Here is our configuration.xml:

      <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Broad">
      <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">
      <Language ID="en-us" />
      <ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
      <Updates Enabled="TRUE" Channel="Broad" />
      <Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />
      <Property Name="FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN" Value="TRUE" />

    • thanks! will give it a try
  • Tried the script and blocks at skucheck, make sure the licence is validated. Put our tenant, our domain.
    • Did you get the error before Office installed? The script first installs office and then puts it into device based licensing mode (OPPTransition.exe). If it is failing during setup.exe, then there is an issue with the version of the installer that you are using.
      • setup.exe /download config.xml , installs the office folder. but then office doesnt install, im i missing a step?
      • So the install is failing. Time to start checking logs. I'm not sure if there is a flag on setup.exe for additional logging, but that would be an option. Otherwise check the Event Logs to see if the installer reporting errors there.

If you need a uninstall Office nuker, you can use this


Its coded by MS and does a great job of removing all bits of Office.

Answered 07/11/2019 by: rileyz
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