I'm trying to setup a managed installation for Office 2013 and am having trouble getting the 64 bit installer to launch.  I have the managed installation set to run a batch file that has this in it:

if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86 32\setup.exe /adminfile 32\upgrade.msp
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==AMD64 64\setup.exe /adminfile 64\upgrade.msp

This works for the 32 bit computer but the 64 bit computer tries running the 32 bit installer which fails.  I also tried 'if exist "C:\Program Files (x86)"' but that didn't help either.  I don't understand why this doesn't work.  This is the first time I've tried a managed installation that had two seperate installers for the different architectures so maybe I'm going about this the wrong way.  Any help is appreciated.

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SDNBTP's suggestion solved the problem
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start /wait YourSetupHere.exe
start /wait YourSetupHere.exe
That should work, give that a try!
Answered 04/09/2014 by: LBarclay
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The K1000 agent is 32 bit so it usually craps out when you do arch check and runs the 32 bit section. Better to use Program Files (x86) check. Not sure why that wouldn't have worked. Does the script work with Program Files (x86) when you run it manually?

Microsoft recommends using 32 bit version of Office on 64 bit machines for add-on compatibility.

Answered 04/09/2014 by: SDNBTP
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I didn't know I needed the parentheses so I changed the script as such

if exist "C:\Program Files (x86)" (64\setup.exe /adminfile 64\upgrade.msp) else (32\setup.exe /adminfile 32\upgrade.msp)

This correctly launched the installer but then an error message popped up that the admin file could not be found or did not contain patch information.

So I tried the other sugestion

if exist "C:\Program Files (x86)" goto 64 else goto 32
start /wait 64\setup.exe /adminfile 64\upgrade.msp
goto end
start /wait 32\setup.exe /adminfile 32\upgrade.msp

This yieled the same result as before and I was given a message that the admin file was not found.

I'm working on this outside of the managed install right now.  This was all done manually.

Answered 04/09/2014 by: kcorrie
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  • Try removing the directory from your admin file path to test...
    start /wait 64\setup.exe /adminfile upgrade.msp
    • Dang... that worked!
      • Awesome. start /wait 64\setup.exe /adminfile 64\upgrade.msp would be looking for 64\64\upgrade.msp
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