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I have used SCCM for the first time to deploy Office 2007 to a number of clients, I have just noticed that the English spell checker is not being installed (it's feature state is set to not available).

I need to update existing installs and ensure that all future installs install the spell checker.

Here is how I think SCCM will alow me to do this, please can soemone correct me if the are any show stoppers.

1. Change my configuration file in my Office package source using the Office 2007 ORK to set the spell checker's feature state to "run from my computer".
2. Update the SCCM distribution points for the package.
3. Re-run my advertisment, choosing to Always rerun program

Office will then re-install with the spell checker in tact

Is this scenario going to work?

May thanks in advance

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Hi , It seems that the sequence is not correct
When you re-advertise the app over SCCM it won`t resintall because it`s has already been installed. the only way is to create a cofiguration file and a new SMS file as different package in SCCM
Then specify the CommandLine to <path>\Maintwiz.exe /c "configuration_file.cmw"
Advertise the new package to a collection
Answered 10/06/2009 by: Scazy
Senior Yellow Belt

Hi scazy

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I was just looking at using a custom .xml file to install the proofing tools

But another easier way I'm thinking is to setup a new program within the Office 2007 package running the new .msp file with this:
msiexec /p nameoffile.MSP
as the command line. Then advertise it
Is that a possible way to patch an Office 2007 install via SCCM

Thanks for you help
Answered 10/06/2009 by: jimmyx
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The patches cannot be applied in that way because they're not patches in the traditional sense.
Answered 10/06/2009 by: VBScab
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Thanks as always for your prompt reply Ian.

Perhaps a better word would have been modify rather than patch.

I'm just trying to get used to the joys of SCCM and Office 2007 deployment.
I assumed, that as I can manually run the .msp file (everything updates OK using this method) I could simply add that to the command line and it will update the existing install

Guess I'll have to go back and setup a separate .xml config file, which I didnt think I would need using SCCM.

Is it really this laborious to add an extra feature or am I struggling to understand!!

Thanks again
Answered 10/06/2009 by: jimmyx
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What does your command line look like? I'm not exactly sure what Office 2007 uses (setup.exe? office.msi?) as I haven't actually deployed it yet, but when I want to refresh an installation of a given installation with new features (of the same program) I typically set REINSTALL=all and REINSTALLMODE=omus (or vomus) in the msiexec call. Alternately, you could check the tables for what the spellchecker's feature is called and just set the ADDLOCAL property to whatever the spellchecker is called internally, this will modify the installation to just add the specified feature.

Once you have a command line that will do what you want it to, it should be trivial to create a new program and advertise to the existing collection of machines that received the initial bad advertisement.
Answered 10/06/2009 by: Jsaylor
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Perhaps a better word would have been modify rather than patch.Either way, the patches created by the customisation tool cannot be applied with 'MSIExec /P ...' They're designed to live in the Updates folder and work their magic from there. If you try to apply one in the usual way, you'll get some error or other, I forget the detail.
Answered 10/06/2009 by: VBScab
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Dude I had this exact same problem in my company with the spellchecker not being installed. My fix was fairly easy:

-Run Office2007\setup.exe /admin to launch the Office Customization Tool
-Set the feature installation state for the Proofing Tools to "installed"
-Don't change any other options...the feature should appear as [F] Proofing Tools (which means Force i guess?)
-Click File>Save As to save the MSP somewhere.
-Create a new SCCM package with only this MSP in it
-Create a program with a command line: FixSpellchecker.MSP /qn
-Distribute the package

Hope this makes sense!
Answered 10/06/2009 by: fitzgerac
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Many thanks for your help, tested this morning and all working fine

Just to confirm that running the modified patch file using MSIExec /P works fine...just don't ask me how or why!

Microsoft documentation on this seems to be non-existent!
Answered 10/09/2009 by: jimmyx
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