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I wrote a package to install Office 2007. We're upgrading from Office 2003. The bulk of the 2003 PCs have Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook installed. For the Office 2007 install we're installing the whole suite of apps. I've done minimal configuring to the installation, and creating it was fairly easy.

We've burned the installation to some DVDs and have installed to a small number of test users. There were no installation issues.

Now we're doing some test deployment via SCCM and keep getting an error in the Office 2007 installation log file. And on the PCs we've tried the SCCM deploy and failed, we've tried installing manually from where the files exist on our SCCM network share, and that works fine.

A Google search hasn't turned up anything useful. Here's what the error is in the log file:

MSI(INFO): 'Action ended 12:39:23: CASqm. Return value 1.'
MSI(ACTIONSTART): 'Action 12:39:23: Write_sqlLocalServers.BB9BCD10_C507_4374_A5FC_3F04C705A420. '
MSI(INFO): 'Action start 12:39:23: Write_sqlLocalServers.BB9BCD10_C507_4374_A5FC_3F04C705A420.'
MSI(INFO): 'Exception occurred in Write_sqlLocalServers. The exception code is 0xc0000005'
MSI(INFO): 'Exception record 0'
MSI(INFO): 'Exception Code 0xc0000005'
MSI(INFO): 'Exception Flags 0'
MSI(INFO): 'Exception Address 7C911639'
MSI(INFO): 'Number of parameters 2'
MSI(INFO): ' Parameter 0: 00000000'
MSI(INFO): ' Parameter 1: 001622D5'
MSI(INFO): 'DEBUG: Error 2769: Custom Action Write_sqlLocalServers.BB9BCD10_C507_4374_A5FC_3F04C705A420 did not close 1 MSIHANDLEs.'
MSI(INFO): 'An internal error has occurred: (Write_sqlLocalServers.BB9BCD10_C507_4374_A5FC_3F04C705A420 1 ). Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance. For information about how to contact PSS, seeC:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Setup00000a8c\PSS10R.CHM.'
MSI(INFO): 'Action ended 12:39:23: Write_sqlLocalServers.BB9BCD10_C507_4374_A5FC_3F04C705A420. Return value 3.'
MSI(ACTIONSTART): 'Action 12:39:23: Rollback. Rolling back installation'

There's nothing analogous to this in the log file of the successful install. Not sure what to try to resolve this issue.
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My guess would be that the Custom Action 'Write_sqlLocalServers' is trying to access network resources. SCCM uses the local System account which has no such access.

What does a Google for that CA turn up?
Answered 10/24/2009 by: VBScab
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