I've done an O2K3 Admininistrative Install, built and MST file I like with the Office Admininistrative Kit.
Everything installs fine and dandy on a new PC.

I'm trying, however, to find a way to re-run the O2K3 install to reforce the exact configuration in the MST file to the PCs.
It seems the only time the MST file really takes effect is on a PC w/o O2K3 installed.

If I completely uninstall O2K3 and reboot, then I'm fine.
I've never seemed to have seen this with other MSI based installs. I've gotta be missing something.

I've tried various switches such as REINSTALL=ALL etc.... without any success.

So what's the obvious here?
How can I launch SETUPPRO.EXE on a PC so that I know it will 100% configure OFFICE as defined in the MST file regardless of any existing O2K3 on the PC.
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Note: I've tried updating the MST file to ensure that "Do Not Migrate Previous Installation State" was selected and applied to the entire branch.

No Go. Previously installed Apps are not reinstalled. Alternate configurations in other parts of the MST such as custom REG entries are also not updated.
Answered 01/27/2005 by: APPPUSHER
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A MST file cannot be applied on an installed application.
You need to use Microsoft Custom Maintenance Wizard (MaintWiz.exe) to change the feautures of Microsoft Office once it's installed.
Answered 01/28/2005 by: janoon
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More digging yesterday seems to make that true, but just as useless or almost.

If there a quick/simple way to "see" if it's there?

I have 10,000 PCs running Office 97-2003, some just have various versions of Outlook ver X, etc.......

The only solution I can see if to run "TWO" Installs for each PC.
Run the MST Install in the event it is or is not there already
the CMW to ensure it is configured properly.

CMW also does not allow for all of the complex add/remove for various Windows components.

So if Somebody had O2K, but just happened to add Outlook 2003 then CMW can't be told to uninstall all of O2K except Access, etc.....

Heck, I may just revert to re-packaging the entire Office suite not using MSI......................

Thx for the info though.
I'm digging today to see if I can find a magic key someplace that office uses to determine if O2K3 is already there and to ignore the install stuff. No luck yet.
Answered 01/28/2005 by: APPPUSHER
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Once an mst is applied to an Office product, it cannot be reapplied, janoon is correct that you need to use the custom maintenance wizard.

You didn't mention how you were scripting and delivering your install, but instead of creating seperate packages you might try inserting some loging in the script -- a couple of IF THEN statements would probably take care of what you are looking for.

If you need to remove previous office versions after an mst has been applied, use Microsoft's oftcln.exe -- follow the steps for setting up the ini file or you may remove more than you were after.

Answered 02/01/2005 by: papardun
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Geez, for 10,000 clients I hope you're using something like SMS to help alleviate your workload? You should seriously consider something like that for a client-base of that size. Trying to nail all them with scripts and packaging alone is a tall order. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that it can be done with less pain.
Answered 02/03/2005 by: ds0934
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