Hi! I have to deploy the NVidia driver, with all features enable, on multiple computers which all have the NVidia Quadro 2000 video card. Right now, on the first boot after sysprep the computer install the correctly the driver. But I’m missing everything else like the "NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager" and the "NVIDIA Control Panel" for example. I already tried with "setup.exe -r -f1C:\nvidia.iss" without any luck. In other words how can I deploy silently the driver and everything else that comes with it? By the way I have been reading the forums for the last 2 days, I also did my share of research on Google and even try to get the answer directly from NVidia with a chat session with them. So please don't tell me to read!

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Not sure if this helps but extract the driver using 7-zip, there is a setup.cfg that you can open with notepad, look in the property section, maybe something like SETUP.EXE -s -i -noreboot -noeula would work.
Answered 07/30/2011 by: admaai
Orange Senior Belt

  • I'm trying to automate an install of all components, including NVIDIA WMI, for the nVidia driver package:
    Quadro/Tesla Desktop Driver Release 295 WHQL ver 296.70 release date 4.5.2012

    So far I have this command which does a silent install with noreboot, but does not install NVWMI.
    setup.exe -s -n -log:%temp%\nvidialogs -loglevel:6

    Looking at the logs from a manual install, when selecting NVWMI, the property "NVSupportNVWmi" is set. So I've appended NVSupportNVWmi as a property to setup.cfg and used it on the command line, but this did not work.

    bool name="nvwmi" property="NVSupportNVWmi"

    setup.exe -s -n -nvwmi -log:%temp%\nvidialogs -loglevel:6

    I'm now thinking I might need to add this as a feature property, as seen in the log:
    ....SetPropertyForPackage : Setting property "Feature.NvWmi" for "Display.NVWMI".

    Has anyone achieved this yet? I have logged it with nVidia but it's been two weeks with no help so far and they have not documented how to customise automated installs.
    I'd like to deploy v301.42 but this also looks to have the same limitations.
  • Here's what I use (as install.cmd):

    REM Install NVIDIA Drivers
    "%~dp0setup.exe" -s -n -log:"%temp%\NVIDIA" -loglevel:6

    Unfortunately, nVidia made some changes to the setup.exe and it stopped working in recent versions of their drivers.

    The problem seems to be here (while using Microsoft deployment tools like WSUS or System Center):
    -= successful (launched as admin user) installation START =-
    DEBUG: [NVI2.CNVRejectTestWUInstall] 61@CNVRejectTestWUInstall::InvokeTest : Windows Update not currently installing or uninstalling updates.
    16.280 | DEBUG: [NVI2.NVRejectTestConstraint] 160@CNVRejectTestConstraint::InvokeCheck : No activity for "WUINSTALL".
    16.282 | INFO: [NVI2.CNVRejectTestPnP] 192@CNVRejectTestPnP::InvokeTest : PNP install inactive.
    -= successful installation END =-

    -= unsuccessful (launched by SYSTEM) installation START =-
    WARNING: [NVI2.CNVRejectTestWUInstall] 66@CNVRejectTestWUInstall::InvokeTest : Windows Update is currently installing or uninstalling updates.
    59.468 | WARNING: [NVI2.NVRejectTestConstraint] 138@CNVRejectTestConstraint::InvokeCheck : Activity constraint "WUINSTALL" failed.
    59.469 | DEBUG: [NVI2.NVInstaller] 3030@CNVInstaller::IsConstraintFailureOverridden : Constraint "WUINSTALL" can not be overridden in failure case.
    -= unsuccessful installation END =-

    Does anyone know how to disable (ignore) this check in setup command line?
  • To provide a nVidia silent install and control the components that will install you can use this command line syntax:

    setup.exe -s -n -ignorepnp Display.NView Display.NVWMI -log"C:\Logs\nVidia_QuadroDrivers301.42whql" -loglevel:6

    This example allowed me to automate installing the NV WMI functionality as part of a large fully automated HP Blade trade floor deployment which then opened up possibilities provided by the NV WMI class.
    I worked it out back in June 2012 so I'm just going by my notes from back then, sorry didn't post sooner. Let me know if this works for you.
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