Hi all,
I have been able to use the SQL code posted here to send both submitter and ticket owner an email to notify that a new ticket has been created.

For the email address, I used the Owner_Email variable instead of the NEWTICKETEMAIL variable, so this way, only the default owner will get the notification, rather than getting it blasted to all Ticket owners of the Queue.

Well we didn't want to assign a specific person (ticket owner) to a category though, and we wanted to send a notification to a group of people instead. To achieve this, I created an Active Directory group (ex. #DesktopSupport). Then in KACE, I looked up the AD directory group #DesktopSupport in the "Users Tab", assigned that group to a label (in this case, I’ve included it in the Ticket Owner label) and then have assigned that group as a default owner of that category to make it work. It works, but now we have ticket owners named #DesktopSupport, #PhoneSupport...etc.

My question is: Is there a way to just modify the SQL code to do the same thing, rather than assigning an Active Directory group as a Default Owner?

In a nutshell, what we would like to see is when user opens a ticket, he\she selects a category, then after saving it, KACE sends a notification email to the group responsible for that Category, while leaving the ticket owner field "unassigned". So this way, ticket owners can log in and just change the ticket owner field either to theirs or assign the ticket to someone else. Btw, I've hidden the ticket owner field on the new ticket creation page so users can't select a specific ticket owner.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all.
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Are you currently using the category CC for anything?

I usually like to leave owners unassigned then use category CC to trigger emails to groups.
Answered 02/17/2012 by: dchristian
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If you truly have a group with the same name as the category then you could do some string parsing to use the category as the email addresss.


Then send the email to GROUPEMAIL

I'm assuming that a category has the "#" in front here, but whatever string parsing you need. Typically categories are muti-tiered so You could even parse out just the first segment of a category with a substring like :

This type of thing could save you having to update all the categories and give you the flexibility to change it later.
Answered 02/17/2012 by: GillySpy
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Hello thanks guys. I think I figured this out.

I had to modify the where clause. For example,

The query basically looks at a ticket with a "Ticket Created" description, and with the Category "Phones, then I had KACE send an email to our phone support AD group to notify the members who are in charge of the queue.

Thanks again.
Answered 02/21/2012 by: allenn
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Here's another way. I created Labels for the different IT groups that perform support functions which is basically the whole department (Helpdesk, Oracle, Phones, etc). I also created custom fields on the tickets for IT Group Assigned (the same name as the labels) that only the Owners (technicians) can see and change. I then created a Ticket rule that places All incoming tickets into the Helpdesk group automatically. No owner is assigned but 2 technicians get an email that a New request arrived. From there the "manned" helpdesk determines if the problem can be handled by them (they assign as owner) or if it needs to be assigned to another group (they assign a group). When a group is assigned all members of that group get an email (ticket rule) and they determine from there who picks it up. Members may have one or more labels assigned to them. Works great, every ticket is seen by the helpdesk (no tickets fall through the cracks) and tickets don't get assigned to someone who is on vacation by accident since each group has a supervisor who gets spammed with emails if the ticket hasn't been picked up in a specified time.
Answered 02/22/2012 by: rjobe
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