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Is it possible to disable Update tab from the GUI.


1- Launch the Notepad++ shortcut

2- Go to Plugins-> Plugin Manager->Show Plugin Manager

3- Under this there is a Update tab which has Update button as well.

Is there a way to remove the update Tab from GUI itself?

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Yes there is. Notepad++ requires very little too work. They even have a minimalist version with just the basic code. 

Do you need the plugins? If no, good news. Delete the 'plugins' folder and files from the applications directory ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++) and the 'update' directory and files. If you then start Notepad++ the plugins tab will disappear and with it the updater as well. Unfortunately just deleting 'updater' folder is not enough.

(to be sure I tested it again in 6.4.5)


Answered 09/12/2013 by: EVEEN
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  • Thanx ...it works this way ...
    But actually our requirement was just to disable Update tab under Plugins.. I guess thats not possible...

    I have another Question ....
    Presently the default path of saving the files in notepad++ is c:\programfiles\Notepad++.
    Can we set the default path of saving the notepad++ path to My Documents?
    If yes which xml file we need to add and what code should we add ??
  • OK, because I like a puzzle. I had to find out by doing a test. I'll describe it for you.

    - change the defaultsave in Notepad++ under 'settings''preference' to a new folder with a distinctive name you know to be unique. Like 'C:\Temp\Zebracrossing'. That way you have a nice searchstring.
    - searching the XML in the program directory or the HKLM hive doesn't make sense as this is a per user config and users can't write to these locations.
    - searching the Registry doesn't make sense as the installation is basically a filecopy.
    - remains: Userprofile.
    - Go to %Appdata%
    - There's a Notepad++ folder there
    - There's a config.xml that on a search shows it contains, in my case the reference to the folder 'zebracrossing'
    - Define the correct name and add the correct setting to your project.
  • Thank you .. got the solution :)