I have created a couple more Scripted installations of windows 7 and windows 8.1, they do not show up when i try and boot into the KBE and choose scripted install. I can remove one and it will disappear form the list. 

Any ideas ? 

KBOX version 3.7.113224
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  • Does the architecture of the scripted install match the KBE? Also, 3.7.116629 has been released so you might want to see if updating resolves the issue.
  • Thank you i just updated to the new release, still no good.
    Still a newbie to this,does "architecture of the scripted install match the KBE" a windows 7 installation would use the WinPE 3 Win7 x64 WAIK and windows 8.1 would use WinPE 4 Win8 x64 ADK C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Kits\8.1 ?
    • Right, so what architectures are your scripted installs? Do you have x86 and x64 scripted installations? When you boot to the x64 KBE, which do you see?
  • Sorry, forgot to ad that, yes they are all x64 installs and also x64 kbe
  • to be clear check the deployments > scripted installations page and look at the operating system column. the architecture is shown as (x86) or (x64) then look at deployments > boot environments and make sure the KBE you are using has the same architecture.

    also are you using an RSA (remote site appliance) ? if you are new scripted installs will not show up until synced to the RSA.
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