Can anyone suggest how to approach installing a non-Class_07 USB Printer?

I am dealing with a USB printer which presents a non-standard interface; instead of a single BULK pipe, the printer presents two USB pipes, a BULK pipe and an INTERRUPT pipe. Because this does not meet the requirements for the Class_07 standard, the manufacturor correctly identifies it as Class_FF (vendor-specific). However...

The printer *can* be handled strictly through the BULK channel, behaving just as a Class_07 printer should. My principal has a USB printer mini-driver that I am to install, but because the hardware does not present as Class_07, the usual installation does not work... USBPRINT.SYS does not get loaded into the driver stack.

I have attempted two different approaches to this, either of which (I thought) should work. First, I have tried simply adding to the INCLUDE and NEEDS statements in my INF, thus:


Since this didn't work I tried adding a Services section:

AddService = usbprint,0,usbprint_Service_Inst

DisplayName = "Microsoft USB PRINTER Class"
ServiceType = 1
StartType = 3
ErrorControl = 1
ServiceBinary = %12%\usbprint.sys

In both cases the issue seems to be something to do with a "port", presumably the USB port. If I try to install via the "Add Printer" dialog, I am stymied because there is no USB port to choose. If I plug the hardware into the USB port I get a "New Hardware" dialog, but after providing the .INF, .DLL and .GPD files, the installation fails claiming that "The specified port is unknown". Since no port was specified, I am perplexed.

I am far from being an expert in installation; I am primarily an embedded software designer, who occasionally has to install the drivers I write. In the past I have had some success, but this problem has stalled me for days now. Any wizardly suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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