We have color printers in most classrooms in our district, but starting now we need to enforce B&W printing to save on toner.  I just this summer set up scripts to map the network printers through our K1000 (previously they were installed locally).  The script checks weekly to see if the network printer is in the registry, and if not, it maps it with the /ga switch (so that it remaps it at each user logon).  I've set the printing default to B&W on the print server, but there's nothing preventing teachers and students from changing their preference to color.  It'll then keep their preferences each time they log back in.

My supervisor would like me to reset their connection weekly or so (delete/remap the printer) so it defaults back to B&W, but I think if I just run a script to delete/readd it, it will only apply to the currently logged on user.  Is there a way to clear everyone's preferences occasionally?
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  • What type of printers are they?
  • A mix of older and new... mostly Dell printers (blechhh): 3100, 1350, 1760, 3760, 5130. I don't know anywhere in the web interfaces to change these settings permanently.
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