I see some discrepancies between Network Interfaces shown in machine inventory and the network cards that are actually present on machines.
After digging into this a bit, it seems like these things happen:
  • NICs that are not connected are not shown in Inventory
  • Regarding teamed NICs, the virtual adapter (i.e. Basp Virtual Adapter for Broadcom teaming) is shown, but only the active NIC is shown too. The stand-by adapter(s) is/are not shown.

Is this behaviour intended?

I have a couple more questions about network connections.

Is it possible to disaply the max speed of the adapter and, if set, the actual speed forced via driver configuration?

Can fibre channel adapters be shown separately?

Thank you very much.

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  • Here is a screenshot of what I see in the Kace inventory Vs. what actually is present in the device manager. http://i.imgur.com/Qt7Cftn.png

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Sounds like you'll have to create a Custom Inventory Rule (CIR) to get all the information you want. Something like ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd /c wmic nic)

You'll have to do some cmd-fu to make the output prettier, but creating the CIR also means you can search/filter this field so maybe you don't have to format the output.

To request that the features you mention be included in a future K1 release, use kace.uservoice.com.
Answered 09/01/2016 by: JasonEgg
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